Lee Da-hae Returning to Korea – [Photos and Videos]

After spending 4 days in China attending Passional Lover cosmetic brand events, it was the time for Lee Da-hae to return to her homeland and again fans got early in the morning as her plane was on 8:00 AM and even some did fly from other cities just to say goodbye to her before leaving ❤

Fans said our girl was late and worried she would miss her flight and so she was in a hurry and they only had to spend with her only a few minutes before she checks in but still exchanged hugs and they were able to give her many gifts and Da-hae told her manager that he must take all the gifts away, those can’t be lost. kkk ^^

Also they were able to ask her about her next project and she said that she is still reading the script and not decided yet and also discussing with the company so still don’t know about the filming in China. So, I guess this news was true then.

I hope we get some confirmed news soon, but for now check below for more pictures and a video from the airport meeting 🙂

And here are pictures of the gifts fans gave to her, the gifts included calenders, booklet about her and drawing (all done by fans) in addition to letters, accessories, moving lamb with DongHae couple Selca pictures and also singing “Hotel King” OST, baby socks (haha, again fans giving her hints to get married soon 😀 ) and stuffed doll (our girl was holding in the above pictures) Fans are really great and cute ^^

Also I like that Baidu Bar sticker in the last picture that fans had on themselves while waiting for our girl in the airport ❤

Also here are some short videos ❤

Credit: As Tagged and LDH Baidu


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