More of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang S/S 2015

Some of those new pictures from Shunvfang S/S Collection 2015 are really funny. What is that BIG flower crown on our girl’s head and adding to it the flowery background to make it even bigger?? lol 😀

But I have to say that we are really lucky these days with all the pictures and news about Lee Da-hae and it is surely something to be happy about ❤

Check the rest of the pictures below ^^

Credit: As Tagged, GaoMin敏敏 Weibo and Shunvfang via MuchCloudier



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2 responses to “More of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang S/S 2015

  1. Hey have you seen Sweet 18. Lee Da Hae was the second lead in it…but as her fan, it’s worth checking out. Plus, the show is really cute and fun!

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    • I have checked some episodes to see my girl there but that was long ago and didn’t continue back then not for anything but my time. I like Lee Dong Gun in general and I also found the OTP so cute back then (I know they have dated after that for some time 😀 )

      Thanks for reminding me dear, I really have to watch it full one day. I will plan it soon ^^

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