Lee Da-hae At Passional Lover Events – [Photos and Videos + Fan Accounts]

Continuing our busy week, here is I post about our girl during the Passional Lover Cosmetics brand Events in both Lanzhou and Zhengzhou. Lee Da-hae was in Red in both which is the brands color theme and I guess she wanted to support them through wearing that color which she also did when she attended their event in Jeju Island back in 2013 πŸ˜€

I really liked the different feel and image she showed with both looks from the elegant and tender woman to the strong and confident woman. But I have to say I liked her in the dress with hair down more. I guess my problem with the jumpsuit is mainly the fabric and I also think that the upper part of it should have been more fit to our girl’s body πŸ˜‰

But anyway, the most important thing is that Da-hae was happy and healthy and I am really thankful for all fans who enabled us to see that with them sharing all those pictures, videos and fan accounts. I really doubted that we will get so many goodies in this visit but it was the opposite and I got to choose only some of what we got to post here ^^

So, now time to enjoy our girl’s pictures, videos and fan accounts. Our girl is really nice and considerate ❀

Lanzhou Event

Zhengzhou Event

From fans accounts and you also can see in the video, we knew that the photo taking and signing session with fans was on Da-hae’s request. It was Da-hae who asked her manager to arrange that after the event. Fans said, the organizer said there wouldn’t be signing section. But then Da-hae told them “Come, Come” and they heard her saying to her manager “My fans are coming, I want to have pics with them.” Then her manage said OK and arranged it for her. Fans were really touched by Da-hae action.

And they also praised Da-hae’s Cody, her manager and staff as they were very friendly and nice and they were the ones who started to take their pictures with Da-hae and you can see from the videos how they were smiling and kept saying xie xie (thank you) while closing the signing session. Also they mentioned that Da-hae was very dedicated to the signing. Fans joked that she was like a perfectionist to her signing because some pics are in small size and she found it hard to sign properly, but she still tried. Her manager asked her to sign on the top, she said ‘no’ and tried her best to make her signature fit in the proper space in the photo.

(P.S. It was quite fun that they played the English version of I Love Rock n Roll song By our girl as her intro music to the event πŸ™‚ )

Here are some pictures of our girl with fans and during and after the signing event ^^

And here is the translation of news reports from Korean Media about her surprising fan event ❀

Lee Da Hae held special fan meetings in China.

Actress Lee Da Hae, who is active as an advertisement model of a Chinese cosmetic product brand, attended fan meetings that were held in Lanzhou and Zhengzhou of China under the title of ‘Beautiful Promise – Fan Meeting with Lee Da Hae.’

Approximately 1,500 local fans attended the two fan meetings in total, and Lee Da Hae remained on stages even after all of the programs were officially finished to express her gratitude for local fans’ fabulous love and supports.

Lee Da Hae surprised local fans by communicating with them in Chinese as much as possible during the two fan meetings, and she also had photo times for hundreds of fans, deeply impressing many local officials with her phenomenal professionalism.

It is said that officials of the cosmetic brand that Lee Da Hae advertises all showed huge satisfaction for her.

It is also said that the brand opened over one thousand more stores at all across China after Lee Da Hae became their advertisement model.

Meanwhile, Lee Da Hae played in drama ‘Hotel King’ last year, and the drama is getting explosive reactions from many countries all across Asia.

Credit: STAR N News via Yahoo Entertainment | By Kim Dong-JooΒ 

Credit: As Tagged and LDH Baidu Bar | Videos: By Fans at site and MuchCloudier for editing the Zhengzhou Event Video | Translation: bluewings @ soompi


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