Lee Da-hae Delivers Coal for Underprivileged People

I am getting spoiled with all the updates about our girl these days and still can’t believe how lucky we are. Hopefully being active in front of our eyes like this means that Lee Da-hae is back to her working mood and seriously considering her next work.

Today, Da-hae along with celebrities Jung Yong Hwa and Sean Noh and other 40 volunteers were doing some charity work delivering Coal for underprivileged people and thankfully we got pictures posted by the volunteers on their SNS.

Seems that Yong Hwa did give a promise to do community service if his solo album wins #1 and he kept by doing it now and Da-hae joined along with Sean. We got to know through their Weibo interaction before that Da-hae and Yong Hwa came to be good friends in addition of being labelmates, so it is nice to see some pictures of them together now 🙂

Sean said through his Instagram that Da-hae worked hard and didn’t rest for a moment and kept carrying the coal briquettes^^ Check more pictures below, I really love seeing our girl looking so fresh and lively ❤

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8 responses to “Lee Da-hae Delivers Coal for Underprivileged People

  1. I read somewhere that viewers want to see her with Lee Jun Ki in upcoming sageuk about scholars and vampires. I would love to see this reunion!

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  2. Biwlly

    i love Lee da hae & Donghae couple so so much , please update more new and information about her, thank you Apqaria (✿◠‿◠)


  3. She is very beautiful inside and out. Sure thing is whatever her next project will be, she will still be the most gorgeous in our eyes. 😀 😛
    But it will be more exciting if she’s going to announce her wedding. (But of course introduce the luckiest guy first) Lol!


  4. joan fan

    I see her leading a balance view in life. Besides working hard both acting and modelling , she also give her time, energy and heart to do voluntary work which is self sacrificing with no gain in returm but inner peace and happiness..👍


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