Lee Da-hae and her V Sign Trademark

Another cute update from Lee Da-hae on her Weibo today and yes it is still a mystery how she always manage to be this cute even with a mask on and with the addition of the other Cherry in the pictures, you can’t help but giggle seeing those pictures ❤

But now she admits that she can’t help but automatically make a V sign when posing for pictures and it is something we have noticed from how many times we see her doing it ^^

Here is her message

天气太好了 带着小狗在汉江散步中 好像我也不知不觉的困了?~~~ 睡着发现被拍就装睡手也自动的摆出V~ imageimage可可

(Translation by nocturne9@Soompi: Great weather today.  I am strolling with Cherry at Han river and had fallen asleep?~~~  After realizing someone was taking pictures, I pretended to be sleeping and v signed automatically~ imageimagekeke

Credit: LDH Weibo



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6 responses to “Lee Da-hae and her V Sign Trademark

  1. There is so much love in all these pictures, so much that my eyes can’t withstand but keep on staring ❤

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  2. She looks beautiful even in her sleep 🙂

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  3. sassygirl94

    She looks adorable and pretty even though while sleeping..Jealous~~ Lolz
    btw, she always shows Cherry..what about Strawberry..did she ever show Strawberry picture?


    • She did many times. The last time was with her grandparents. But I guess may be she is worried about his health since he lost his eyes so she don’t take him out much.


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