Happy Birthday To Lee Da-hae


It has been the 19th of April in Korea hours ago but I waited till it is officially the 19th in my time as well to publish this post 🙂 hopefully our girl is now spending her birthday with her family and loved ones, eating her favorite cherry and strawberry cake and enjoying her day to the fullest ❤

I think my excitement for our girl’s birthday this year is more than every year as this past year was quite special for me and in which I come to realize more what Lee Da-hae has given me over the years I have been her fan. Yes don’t be surprised, it is true that I never directly communicated with her or met her in real and even don’t have much hope for this to happen anytime soon but when I thought about it I now think that since I have followed her closely, she have been a great source of joy and inspiration for me ^^


First of all, I am thankful to all the happiness that she brought me and many viewers through her works 🙂

Thanks to her I have come to know many great online friends around the world who I am blessed to have and allowed me at last to share my thoughts about her, dramas and other stuff I like with them which is something I can’t do with anyone in my real life.

And I specially feel like a family with my friends among her Chinese fans who are unbelievably kind and have been pouring me with all kind of gifts and love that helped me a lot through the tough time I was having this year 🙂

Seeing her going through hard and struggling times in her career and still tries to get over it and also her determination to learn new things; like Chinese language for many years because she is fond of learning languages and for better communication with her fans; helped me gain strength and also made me ashamed of myself for not being able to be persistent enough when it comes to things I like which has pushed me to make some decisions for my future.

But I have to say I am still not able to defeat my lazy self and exercise like our girl although I am so in need for it, I guess this will be my goal for this year with Da-hae 😀

LDH Young

I guess through this journey as her fan and seeing her ups and downs, her good and bad habits/decisions I have come to gain more knowledge and experience that actually helped me when I needed them. So with all this I am more grateful for this day when our girl was born then grow up to be the woman she is and finally came to my and our lives ^^’

So thanks Da-hae for brighten my life and please be happy, be true to yourself, never stop dreaming and may you find the happiness you deserve. Will always love you ❤ *MUAH*



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8 responses to “Happy Birthday To Lee Da-hae

  1. Yuei yuei, happy birthday Lee Da Hae and keep smiling in the way only you know! *and crying, only in drama, in the way only you know* 😀 I will go *MUAH* too for Da Hae 😀 😀 may i? 😀
    Loved reading your thoughts precious chingu, it’s always awesome getting to know more about your Da Hae addiction, what she means to you and how much she’s helped you in her own way and not only by simply entertaining you through her works!

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  2. lucymaturan

    Happy birthday Da Hae! You have been a source of inspiration and joy for your millions of fans all over the world. Please stay healthy and loving. I wish you only the best.

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  3. Happy birthday, Da Hae!!! If I’m a man today, she’s definitely my ideal mate! So gorgeous!

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  4. drosyita

    No words can’t describe my wishes bday for her!!! WYATB unni lee da hae ^.^
    Thankiisss for apqia, you are the best too coz give the news update about her. btw is it oppa dong wook give his greeting for her? hihihi

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