Hotel King Japanese DVD BTS Footage and the Drama to start Airing in Taiwan


Thanks to fans we have got some Gifs, caps and videos of some unseen BTS footage of Lee Da-hae from Hotel King Japanese DVD which has been available for rental since the 11th of March and for sale since the 8th  of April and some are so cute and would be a shame not to share ❤

But first check the links below for info about DVD and how to get it

Hotel King DVD Website

Hotel King DVD Box on Amazon

Also good news is that the drama will start airing in GTV channel in Taiwan from the 6th of May and here are the promo trailers 🙂

Now check below the BTS footage ^^

I have lost hope to see the BTS for this famous ad-libbed Swing Kiss but I am so happy that we got to see it now ❤

I guess this was the first time when really Wookie surprised Da-hae with kissing her on the lips first and she responded back with more kissing but naturally the director after found it that cute they filmed it again from several different angles and added the line when MN said “That is a Foul”. So check the difference between the two versions 😉

In the part below of BTS after they finished the kiss and the milk part which is the end of the scene, they were so cute with that wide shy smile and  Da-hae looked to Wookie and said “What was that?” and Wookie replied “A bit weird but it just happened

Bugs totally love Da-hae and Wookie is always on the rescue, lol 😀

Love her laugh here ^_^

The beautiful bride ❤

 And some other bloopers:D

We actually saw the below one before in the BTS released by MBC but not from this angle ^^

And here are videos of some of those cuts although not very clear (For copy rights the original versions can’t be uploaded)

 Credit: As Tagged, Purplebass Tumblr, MuchCloudier and Videos uploaders


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