Lee Da-hae Preparing Birthday Present for her Stylist

I really have to thank our girl’s stylist and friend who always post some pictures of our girl when we are in drought time πŸ˜€

Lee Da-hae‘s stylist Lee Hye Young had her birthday on the 5th of May so Happy Birthday to her ^^ and today she updated her Twitter with some pictures and messages thanking our girl for her late birthday gift which was a beautiful self arranged flower bouquet with some other gift delivered to her house ❀

I guess Da-hae is more active as florist these days than being an actress and I can’t say that I am happy with that because as a fan I am personally frustrated of seeing her so inactive in the entertainment world with no concrete news about a possible project 😦

Anyway, at least I can enjoy looking at those cute pictures of her with flowers for now!!

Credit: ‏@lhy8918 Twitter



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6 responses to “Lee Da-hae Preparing Birthday Present for her Stylist

  1. Wonder who’s the flower in these pictures ^-^ Hopefully enough she will update us with drama-movie news as soon as possible ❀

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