Lee Da-hae Travels To……Somewhere

Haha, what a tease!! 😛

Our girl’s Chinese language teacher who updated her Weibo mentioning about both she and Lee Da-hae traveling but didn’t mention where?? haha 😀

Whatever the reason or destination of her travel, hopefully she will be having fun. And at least while our girl is not updating her SNS, the people around her can’t help but post pictures of her and it is all for our benefit 🙂

Here is the teacher’s message:

喜欢这样照片 不过 貌似你又瘦了[思考][震惊][好喜欢]。本来这巧克力是想让你今天飞机上吃。没.想.到 [纠结][抠鼻屎]你一口气吃了一大半下去!还不停地说 好吃 [笑cry][笑cry] 真有那么滴好吃吗[抠鼻屎]

Like this picture, but, you look more skinny[思考][震惊][好喜欢]. The chocolate was meant to let you eat on the plane today, but, I didn’t expect that..[纠结][抠鼻屎] you finished more than half of it in one go! And kept saying that (it’s) delicious[笑cry][笑cry] . Is it really that delicious?[抠鼻屎]

Credit: As Tagged | Translation By: bluewings666 @ Soompi


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