Liebster and Sunshine Awards


Although it was not Christmas time but My Santa always visits me and this time he left two great gifts 🙂

If you wonder who is this kind, amazing and hardworking Santa who lighten my drama land and the whole blog sphere all year, he is non other than the famous Kwon Sang Seung From dramajjang and those two gifts are the nominations for both Liebster and Sunshine Awards

Thank you my dear Chingu and sorry for being so late to reply your questions ^^ I am giving you “Gee” Dance trial from Da-hae as an apology gift 😀


Or I guess that won’t do, so here is sexy Da-hae as well. Hope this will be enough to forgive me 😉

Sexy Da-hae

Now lets get started and for the Awards rules, you can refer to Kwon’s posts or my previous Liebster and Sunshine Awards posts

Answers to Kwon’s Liebster Award questions

  1. With Ga In’s choreography in Paradise Lost MV I think paradise was found, do you love Ga In? If not, why?! Confess your thoughts to me. I can’t say I love her or not because I am not that familiar with her actually but out of curiosity I checked the MV when it was released and I would say that I prefer to hear the song without watching the MV, kkk ^^
  2. When you can’t think of a proper question what do you actually do? Silence is gold or silence is a burden? Or the truth lies somewhere in the middle? I always fail at initiating discussions or socializing in general so, I usually stay silent and it usually feel that silence is a burden for me in such cases, although I would say silence is gold in case I respond to some questions 😉
  3. South of the border or west of the sun? I had to look up to get the meaning of this question actually, so did you really mean this novel? Not sure if I can reply if it is so, but if I take a pick I will say, West of Sun 😀
  4. How many dramas are you currently watching? And which ones? I am currently watching 6 dramas and they are “Tenno no Ryoriban”, “I’m Home”, “Doctors’ Affairs”, “Someone Like You”, “Algernon ni Hanataba” and “Pinocchio”
  5. Is there a comeback from the world of Asian pop that you highly expect or want to happen? I am not so into Asian pop to be honest but the most come back I want to happen is for “SG Wannabe” although they won’t be classified as Pop 🙂
  6. Did you ever feel like Yo Na? If yes, would you be able to confess your guilty feelings to me? I didn’t watch KMHM to know exactly what you mean but if my guess of what you mean is right so, I didn’t feel that 🙂
  7. Take for example The Girl Who Sees Smells, whether you watch it or not, which weird drama ability would you like to possess? I guess that would be reading people’s mind
  8. Movies like 2046, In the Mood for Love and Lust, Caution are some of my favorites of all time, what do you think of them? Are you expecting The Crossing as much as i do? I like their vibe but that type of movies is a hit or miss for me. I loved “In the Mood for Love” but I couldn’t continue “Lust, Caution” and I didn’t watch “2046” but I am usually curious to check them and that is the case with “The Crossing” specially for the cast.
  9. Any idea on how recaps could take less time? Haha, have no idea but I would love to know too ^^
  10. “Omona omona” they are doing some sort of chincha dance next to the singer, let’s join all together and form an MV. Seriously now, do you like trot music? Did you like the song? Yes I like it and I like the song 🙂
  11. Saranghaeso mianhae, saranghaeso mianhae! Did you enjoy the song? But apart from that, did you catch yourself secretly singing along? If you mean the song from “Song Dae Kwan” So yes I did enjoy it and yes I do sing along ^^

Answers to Kwon’s Sunshine Award questions

  1. Which drama bloggers you would like to meet in real life and why? That would be My Santa, kk ^^ and the reasons is that I think we have many similarities in our taste and of course I would have the opportunity to talk a lot about My girl 😉
  2. Do you like traveling? Which place has left the greatest impact on you and you would like to visit again? Yes I like traveling although I didn’t have the chance to travel a lot, I guess out of the few I visited, I would like to go to Salzburg again.
  3. Which is the movie that has scarred you gently for life? What comes to my mind now is “A Day With My Son”
  4. Have you ever converted a person into a drama addict from point zero? Sadly No 😦
  5. Which is the currently airing drama you’re enjoying the most? Describe it in 5 words. That would beTenno no Ryoriban” and if I describe it “Funny and touching underdog story”
  6. Which drama figure you would like to be real in order to meet him/her and why? That would be Joo Yu Rin from “My Girl” and that is because I would love to have her as a guide for me in a trip to Korea and hear her saying to me “You will be blessed” 😀
  7. Do you have the same visual fetish with South Korean graves with great view presented in dramas as me? Yes or not and why? Haha, I do. I guess it is because I am envious of the dead ^^
  8. Which is the album, song and/or artist (whether it’s k-pop or not) that has recently captured your attention? VIXX
  9. Which is your favorite SLS figure and why? *You are surely testing my knowledge with those questions* I don’t have any because I just had to figure out what does that mean, lol 😀
  10. If you could do anything, just anything at this very moment, what would you do? Run while screaming beside the beach.
  11. Have you ever thought of an ultra weird scenario you would like to see in a drama at some point? I am not really creative person to have weird or nontraditional ideas 😦 so when I actually think about a certain blot it tend to be more of dramatic and realistic one.

Now here are my nominees:

  • For Liebster Award

Snow from The Drama Corner

Nelly from My Myooz

Soori from Four Seasons Dramas!

Lemonmirae from Drama Chaser

Zhaoul from KdramaDreamer

  • For Sunshine Award




My questions for all nominees:

  1. What drama/movie do you watch to cheer you up?
  2. What made you feel the urge to start blogging?
  3. Do you follow a schedule for your drama watching and blogging?
  4. What is the first thing attract you to watch a drama/movie? (Cast, Story, ….Etc)
  5. What is the weirdest dream you had recently?
  6. Are you a big eater? And what is your favorite dish?
  7. Would you ever want to try dangerous sports like sky dive or bungee jump?
  8. What is your favorite drama in 2015 till now? And what is the drama you are most looking forward to watch?
  9. If you have to choose another profession/study other than the one you have, what would that be?
  10. Cute or Sexy?
  11. Do you watch variety shows? If yes, which is your favorite?

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9 responses to “Liebster and Sunshine Awards

  1. Yay, it’s always Xmas when it comes to precious apqaria chingu!! 😀 Gomawoyo for your beautiful words chinguya! But i’m not famous >.< *hides underneath a bed at the edge of a cliff and shouts bbashya!* You're very welcome and no need to be sorry, i left the time limit for answers limitless 😀 But, i gladly accept the gifts both with playful and sexy Da Hae 😀 *copy-pastes gifs at the retina of his eyes*

    Sometimes socializing is a burden, i will have to agree, it's always about with whom you socialize or "socialize", especially when interests differ and you can't talk about dramas, etc with other people that have neither the intention to understand your passion nor have the knowledge to talk to you about it.. ah, we're kind of cursed and blessed at the same time XD I'd go for south of the border, that's where apqaria chingu is, literally lol XD

    How do you like Algernon ni Hanataba and I'm Home? I'm dl-ing their eps but haven't started them yet! SG Wannabe would be an awesome comeback, but it won't be achievable i guess for practical and emotional reasons…

    Yuei yuei!!! It would be awesome to meet apqaria chingu ❤ "I would have the opportunity to talk a lot about My girl" i see what you did there 😀 Plus we'd do the chincha dance XD

    "A Day With My Son" seems quite intriguing *.*
    "Run while screaming beside the beach." because you saw Da Hae at the beach 😀

    Loved reading through your lines chingu! *does the chincha dance*

    Liked by 1 person

    • You ARE famous, you are just humble enough not to admit it 😉

      And about Algernon ni Hanataba and I’m Home. I love I’m home, it really exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t so excited for the Synopsis but I discovered that it really doesn’t give the story justice. For Algernon ni Hanataba, I only saw the first episode so I can’t really judge yet. But I felt weird watching Yamapi in that Ep but I want to continue watching.

      Everytime I remember SGWannabe I feel pain in my heart T_T but they are just so talented for me to give up on them having their place in that industry.

      Thanks again Chingu for the nominations and I am ready for the chincha dance 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • If i’m famous about something it’s for my drama addiction XD
        Hm, so i should head towards I’m Home at first since it’s much more than expected, as for Algernon, time shall tell 😀 Such a great band, i can never get enough of them, but it wouldn’t be the same if only the 2 of them returned, but still, their vibes would still be there as an imaginary trio 🙂 You’re very welcome and gomawoyo once again! Chincha dance with apqaria chingu 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • Actually they are three, Chae Dong Ha did quit the band way before his tragic suicide 😦 but they still couldn’t continue after his death even with him being a former member T_T

          Liked by 1 person

          • That’s why i said it won’t be the same if only 2 of them return, because the 3 one will be unable to do so XD Didn’t want to specifically refer to that incident :/


            • It is sad to mention 😦 but I am not sure if you are getting me wrong or I am misunderstanding you, but I am saying that they are actually 3 even with the absence of Chae Dong Ha because he quit the band and was replaced by Lee Suk Hoon back in 2008.

              Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the award. Here is my post 🙂


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