Lee Da-hae in Her Trip to Shanghai For Passional Lover Event – [Photos And Videos]

Sorry for being late in posting this but here I am ^^

It was really nice to see new pictures of our girl during her short visit to Shanghai to attend Passional Lover Event which actually wasn’t only just promotion event for the brand as I thought when we first heard about it but the event actually included Lee Da-hae signing a re-newel of her contract with the brand and hopefully that means they would shoot some new Ads featuring her because they have been using the same old Ads for 2 years now!!

Da-hae traveled on the 20th of May to attend the event in the evening of the same day and traveled back to Korea the next morning on the 21st and as usual her loyal Chinese fans were welcoming her in the airport and also some of them were invited to attend the event ❤

Da-hae didn’t mention something new or special in this visit except that she is still not decided on her next project and it seems the Chinese projects she was looking into which  she and some news reports mentioned before wasn’t materialized after all and while I am not surprised with this and I wasn’t that excited or putting hopes about that news before but still I feel sad because our wait for her comeback will last for longer time but hopefully in the end it will worth it and she can land a good project next.

Now time to check the photos and videos from media and fans of our girl through her trip ^^

Da-hae didn’t actually dress up that much for her airport appearance this time and showed up with her daily casual look which we actually saw her wearing during her visit last year to LA. And while I do like her putting some comfortable cloths for her travel and she still looked fashionable but I am not a fan of that distressed pants, but that doesn’t matter when I see that big lovely smile on her face ❤

At the airport in Korea

At the airport in Shanghai From Chinese Media

At the airport in Shanghai From Fans

Arriving at the Hotel

Getting ready for the event


At the Event

I so liked that two pieces outfit our girl wore to the event and I am happy it wasn’t all red like her looks before for the events for PL as it is the brands trademark color but she mixed the white with red this time and it looked really good on her ❤

The outfit is from ARCHE S/S 2015 Collection ❤ *she really loves this brand*


After the event, once again our girl organized her own fan signing event to thank the fans who came to see her and added to it a selfie session as well for all fans to take selfies with her, kkk ^^

Finally, here are a compilation of fans taken videos from the airport, event and fan signing session 🙂

Credit: As Tagged, AurabeautyHair IG, Chinese fans and YT video uploaders



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae in Her Trip to Shanghai For Passional Lover Event – [Photos And Videos]

  1. Msiafan

    Security at airport seems too lax, LDH is very obliging to fans, hmmm… Not too sure on the evening dress as it made her looks too thin …nevertheless am gratefull for all the pics and updates, LDH fighting …lol


    • Ya, it is not that common to see fans getting this close to celebrity but our girl is really nice and friendly which is one of her charms. Many times she actually don’t have any security members with her but her own managers, stylists and staff ^^

      About the dress, what I like about it the most that it is a bit of a departure of her usual style so it is refreshing and not boring ❤


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