Lee Da-hae Posts her first Food Recipe

Haha, those pictures are so delightful to look at 🙂

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo yesterday with many pictures of her cooking sour and sweet mushrooms with eggplant and even included the recipe for that dish for fans to try and taste it ^^

I guess she saw fans comments before when they requested recipes of the food she cooked and her teacher must helped in translating this recipe. Will the next step be publishing her own cooking book? 😉

I guess she truly immersing herself in those new hobbies of her (cooking and flower arranging) that I sometimes think she is so busy to even think of acting anymore, lol 😀 But yes in all cases it is still great to see her so active on SNS and glowing with happiness whenever we see her pictures lately ❤

I really wished I could understand Chinese to be able to try this recipe, what a pity?? and I want to have that kitchen apron too, kkk ^^

Here is her message:

#不可辜负的美食#刚刚做完就迫不及待解决掉了的李多海牌糖醋香菇茄子!吃过的都说太~美味了!大家也照着食谱来做做看吧!还有我今天中午做的牛肉蔬菜卷和豆腐汤!都是我亲手做的哦!! 作为一名资深吃货,这点手艺还是需要有的~[色]

#Food doesn’t disappoint# Just finished and couldn’t wait to share Lee da hae brand sweet and sour mushrooms with eggplant! All who ate it said it is too delicious ~! You can follow the recipe to do and see! And today I made a soup with beef, vegetables, tofu dishes for lunch! I personally do all oh!!!! For a senior in this craft, needs more ~[色]

Credit: LDH Weibo | Translation: Online Translators


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