Lee Da-hae Immersed in Cooking

It is amazing to see our girl so enjoying cooking and just can’t stop sharing with us the dishes she is making!!

Surely I can’t complain about that specially that it is nice to see this side of her and it is magically encouraging me who is not into cooking to try some myself and also I’m happy that she didn’t get discouraged from the comments Kneitzens posted about her previous cooking post and still shared her cooking with us again and showing how happy and proud she is that people (friends/family) enjoys her food ❤

But the only problem with me is that all the food looks yummy and for one who has a weak heart and can’t resist yummy food like me it is a torture to see this and can’t eat it specially that today Lee Da-hae posted on her Weibo about her cooking fried shrimps and I SO LOVE THEM!!! What to do now? I need to distract myself and aim to eat some really SOON 😀

Here is her message:

美食第二发!!请朋友来尝尝我做小吃的手艺! 辣炒年糕、鱼糕汤,还有油炸虾!连塔塔酱也都是我亲手做的哦!没有一样是买现成的!谢谢大家吃得这么开心!

Food second post!! Invited friends over to try to do my own snacks! Tteokbokki (Hot Fried rice cakes), soup, fish and Fried shrimps! Even tartar sauce I did it with my own hands! None of them is ready made! Thank you all so much for eating happily!

Check below the pictures of her yummy food and also other updates from her Instagram ^^

Today as well she updated her IG with another picture of her at gym which I assume is a personal one in her house where she always exercise. She said in her message “While exercising.. Very Happy.. Hahaha

힝 운동..참…즐거워요 하하하~~~

A post shared by Leedahey 이다해 (@leedahey4eva) on

Also she updated her Instagram on the 28th with a screen shot of a phrase “I dreamed a dream, I dreamed about ghost“. I am not sure of the meaning of her message along with it but I knew from a friend that this phrase is becoming so popular in Korea these days and it is a trend that people try saying this phrase in a cute way and there is some videos of that, you can check here to see one of these videos.

Finally, we got a picture of Da-hae which was posted by the owner of the flower shop that our girl attend her flower arranging classes in (Lejardin Flower) so, I guess she is her teacher 🙂

Credit: LDH Weibo and IG



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae Immersed in Cooking

  1. Msiafan

    Yup, winning a man’s heart is with food glorious food …..wonder whose heart is LDH working on? Hmmmmm


  2. lucymaturan

    With her stature, she could easily hire a cook but she enjoys cooking for family and friends. That’s what I call a real gem! Her “oppa” must be fortunate to have her.


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