Lee Da-hae, The Cute Lazy Ghost

Haha, seems that our girl agrees with me when I call her lazy 😀 😀

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram today with a collage of pictures of her acting like a Ghost after finishing her Chinese Language and Gym classes and also to thank Chinese fans for their presents for her. Isn’t she a very cute Ghost? kkk ^_^

Here is the translation of her message:

Came back from Chinese lesson and gym class ~~~ I’m a lazy looking ghost ㅋㅋㅋ I heard the scarves are from Suzhou…Always thankful for fans support..(Always thank you fans for giving me your attention)

Also her Chinese Language teacher updated her Weibo with some pictures she took during their class and seems that our girl don’t waste time to make food for all the close people to her ❤

Here is the teacher’s message:

某多这妞儿@李多海 像孩子一样 见到好吃的,收到礼物这么开心!还自己偷偷发了instagram!可你忘了无论哪里我都在关注着你吗?图三四 简单而又好吃代表了你的心意,点无数赞樱桃君因为我霸占了他的主人 这小眼神好委屈的样子[纠结][抠鼻屎][巨汗]

This girl @Lee Da-hae is just like a kid, so happy to see good food and gifts! Even updated secretly on Instagram! You must not forget that no matter where you are I am following you?  The pics show the simple and tasty food you make with sincerity Cherry shii felt left out  because I took his place today [纠结][抠鼻屎][巨汗]

Check the Pictures she posted below ^^

Credit: As Tagged and LDH Instagram | Translation: ELY_397 and human1981 @ Soompi



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae, The Cute Lazy Ghost

  1. msiafan

    why the phrase “lazy ghost”?


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