Lee Da-hae Joins the Belly Button Challenge Trend

This is really ridiculously funny, LOL 😀

Obviously this new challenge to touch your belly button from behind has been trending on Internet and specially in China. I just come to know about it today and few hours later Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo with evidence of her success in the challenge, kk^^

Our girl’s picture and message did leave me laughing a lot 😉 but I also have to say that our girl looks GREAT in pink and her makeup is specially nice in these pictures, there is no way you look ugly Da-hae shi ❤

Here is rough Translation of her Message:

#反手摸到肚脐身材好#听说最近在中国很流行..是吗? ㅋㅋ 我不会太丑吧? 听说只要摸到肚脐就是成功了…虽然我的样子看起来有点可怕..ㅋㅋ不管怎么样成功! 胜利的V^^”

#Touching your navel with your backhand means you have a good figure# Heard that this is the latest thing in China…right? kk Hope I don’t look too ugly? Apparently as long as you can touch the navel it is success… though my face looks a little scary…kk No matter what it is a success! V for Victory^^

Credit: LDH Weibo and Naver | Translation: ELY_397 @ Soompi


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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae Joins the Belly Button Challenge Trend

  1. msiafan

    Amazingly fit, LDH must be very focus and discipline with her exercise regime. Maybe an action movie in the pipeline?


    • I guess she already exercise a lot even without anything about projects and I think action do need more specific and special training not the usual exercising. But who knows, I do hope she at least looking into some projects.


  2. Msiafan

    It is close to 6 months into 2015 and we have still not received any news on movie or drama projects for LDH. Kind of impatient here and has been watching over and over again her past dramas. Hope she gets to work with Hyun Bin next, thought their music video “memory” was pretty sad. Want a happy ending.


    • Tell me about it, I am so bored and feeling empty when she don’t have a project 😦 I still hope we hear good news soon.
      I love that “memory” MV so much ❤ Da-hae and HB had lovely chemistry and did have good friendship during that time, I also hope she gets the chance to work with him again


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