Lee Da-hae Goes to Flower Market

I have to be grateful that our girl is so generous these days with her SNS updates which is somehow filling my boring days during this drought time in which I so miss her on my screen but I really hope that the latest news reports about her again considering some projects in China is not just propaganda and hopefully she can land a good project next that won’t leave me disappointed.

But now here is Lee Da-hae‘s latest update from her Weibo and Instagram today while she was shopping in the flower market, her smile is so pretty and seems she almost bought all the flowers there, kkk ^^

Here is the translation of the Weibo message


In the early hours of the morning I went to the flower market with my flower arrangement teacher !! Brought home a bunch of flowers, brightening the whole place up^^

Credit: LDH Weibo and Instagram | Translation: ELY_397 @ Soompi



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae Goes to Flower Market

  1. msiafan

    Thanks for the Da Hae dosage! Truly need it for the week, lately have not been able to watch other KDrama as am missing the Dong-Hae chemistry in HK. Any news whether the Dong-Hae couple are truly dating?


    • I am also not in the mood for KDramas, watching JDorams only these days ^^
      And no nothing new, both of them are in relaxing mood, hopefully we at least hear about a project for them soon.


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