Lee Da-hae Eating Nonstop!!

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo today of some pictures during the opening ceremony she attended in China yesterday saying she ate non stop the whole day and posted some evident pictures 🙂

Haha, I guess this is hard to believe giving our girl’s super thin body but it is surely something to envy but I guess our girl really stay in shape because she is so strict with her workouts and she diet a lot as well. As she said before, she exercise because she wants to eat more ^^

Here is her full message:

一天到晚地吃了又吃!工作人员都劝我 别吃了ㅠㅠ我只要一来中国就吃这么多。到底是为神马?

Eating nonstop the whole day! Even the crew members told me to stop eating ㅠㅠ I eat so much every time I come to China. I wonder why?

I guess she did give her staff hard time to fix her make-up so no wonder they wanted her to stop eating, kkk 😀

Check below for a couple of more pictures she posted ❤

Credit: LDH Weibo | Translation: ELY_397 @ Soompi



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10 responses to “Lee Da-hae Eating Nonstop!!

  1. I want to eat those yummy cakes 😛


  2. Ilovkd

    Love her dress and the shoes, beautiful n flatters her. If they were her choice, very good taste, Miss Dahae👍


  3. Msiafan

    Dear me, in the 1st pic, one hand holding a cake, another a spoonful of cream and two eyes targeting the “next attack” !!!


  4. How could she gorge such food yet maintains her figure? Life is unfair.


  5. Msiafan

    The gold bracelet looks like the one she worn in HK. Is it from LDW?


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