Lee Da-hae Goes Hiking with Her Mother in the Mountain

엄마랑 산 데이뚜! ㅋㅋ

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Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram again today with a lovely picture with her mother enjoying their time together hiking at the mountains. I am not sure where they are now (if still in Jeju or somewhere else) but I guess it has been sometime since our girl has spent some good time together with her mom and so may be they will be traveling together for sometime ❤

Credit: LDH Instagram



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae Goes Hiking with Her Mother in the Mountain

  1. MsiaFan

    Nice that LDH is keeping herself fit. Any idea whether she will have a project this year. Seems like a drought year for both LDH and LDW, whereas Jang Nyuk is embarking on another one soon.


    • I am personally preparing myself for not seeing her in a project this year. But who knows we might get surprised.
      I just hope that whatever the case our wait will worth it and she can find herself a good project next because she so in need for one and I also do need to see her in a satisfying project next after my disappointment in her projects in recent years.


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