Lee Da-hae’s Daily Activities

다리위에서~ ㅋㅋ 동작대교..맞나여 여기?

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It is confirmed now that Lee Da-hae is in South Korea again after spending most of this month traveling which is my guess. I was still not sure if she is in SK from her last Selcas but now with her latest Instagram updates, she is totally back on her usual daily activities away from the entertainment industry.

I think we are now all familiar with her daily schedule, with flower arrangement lessons  in the morning and at night doing some exercising which can be biking or walking by Han River or some workout at the Gym and of course sometimes she needs to visit the beauty salon 🙂

Today she was generous enough to update us 2 times first with a flower arrangement she done below and the other while exercising at Dongjak bridge which is the one above.

오늘도 하나 완성!

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And on the 28th of July she also updated her Instagram with a picture of her bicycle during her biking time, I love those lights ^^

덥다 덥긴.. 그래도!! 즐겁게 운동 운동^^

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Credit: LDH Instagram



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8 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Daily Activities

  1. Msiafan

    I thought LDH was in SK all this while as the last traveling pic was to Jeju. Comforting to know she is keeping herself fit and busy while waiting for her next drama or movie. Has she been this long time waiting for her next show?


    • But given that she didn’t update for about 2 weeks after that picture with her mom which we don’t know where it was taken and also someone mentioned in Weibo seeing her in Japan around 20 July, so I do believe she did traveled for quite sometime and may be to different destinations.

      This is actually the longest resting time she did take since debut and who knows when it will end 😦


  2. noc9

    It’s a year since her last drama HK. But I think after MG she also took a long time to do Hello Miss?


    • Yes she did but My girl finished airing in Feb 2006 and Hello Miss started airing in March 2007 which means she did announce the project and worked on it before a year to pass after MG.
      And actually there was even another drama she announced after MG (called Speed was supposed to be with Lee Seo Jin) but that one got cancelled which is I think the reason for the delay to choose another one (which was Hello Miss).
      And almost the same happened during the time after Chuno to do Miss Ripley (she also took some time but did announce some movies that didn’t materialize during that time)
      So based on her working habits she mostly would have announced a project by May or June at the most but with what I am seeing, I think we will be lucky if she did announce a project this year but who knows I love to be surprised.

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      • noc9

        keke… Dahae is so mean she’s again teasing her fans with her long leggie and making us wait for her new project. But I think she’ll do one soon.


        • True, she is so mean 😀 😀
          I really wish she do but as I may said before, I would prefer to keep waiting over her doing another disappointing project. I want to think and I am hoping that all this wait is her trying to get back a good project and role next.


  3. Ely

    I love her activity photos! They are much more fun than her selfies IMO.

    Let’s hope she announces a good project soon 😊 Have lost all interest in recent Korean dramas 😑. I just don’t feel the motivation to do a K drama marathon unless Dahae is in it!


    • Oh, yah. I do have problems with Korean dramas these days too. It is hard to find a drama that interest me.
      I try to fill my time with all kind of stuff, but can’t help but keep thinking about Dahae and feel empty because I am not seeing her on my screen 😦


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