Lee Da-hae and Her Favorite Fashion Item

As we are still not having nothing new to talk about these days so why not have some time checking old pictures of our girl 🙂

Anyone follows Lee Da-hae knows that eyewear and specially sunglasses is one of her almost fixed fashion items. She do love wearing them everywhere and we have seen her taking lots of selcas wearing them. Also I guess being a celebrity, those are usually useful to try to hide her status sometimes.

Personally I do like her look wearing them although dark sunglasses do hide a lot of her small face and features which leaves me a bit disappointed sometimes because obviously I do like to see her whole face ^^ but she do look really great in whatever type of eyewear and it wasn’t a surprise for her to be chosen as a model for G.Borgonovi brand back in 2012 and 2013.

So now lets check some pictures of her with eyewear either from G.Borgonovi Ads or other occasions that I didn’t post about on the blog before and also BTS videos of her G.Borgonovi photo-shoots ❤

Some of Da-hae’s old magazine Photo-shoots 🙂

In some random endorsements ^^

In some airport appearances

At public events

From dramas

In Daily Life

And finally BTS pictures and Videos from G.Borgonovi photo-shoots

Credit: As Tagged, LDH Twitter, LDH Cyworld, G.Borgonovi, Naver and YT Uploader



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae and Her Favorite Fashion Item

  1. I always get a shock seeing her fabulosity in pictorials and selcas after re(rerererere)watching her be adorable in My Girl. 🙂


    • Hehe, Yah I know what you mean 😀
      I admit I like her in motion more than in still pictures but I think I never get tired of looking at her pictures ❤
      And although she might not be the best model out there but she just have that thing that always capture your eyes ^^


  2. Msiafan

    Thanks for the pics, have not seen most of it. BTW any more bts from HK ?


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