It has been Two Years Already!!

2nd Year Anniversary

Yes, believe it or not today is the blog’s 2nd anniversary so it is time for celebration!!

So, how was the past year? I think I should first apologize for being quite lazy in posting but it is partially our girl’s fault for taking all this time mostly resting with very few public appearances or CFs and I think it is not easy for me to get new ideas for posts about her past activities but here I hope this would change soon.

But to my surprise despite the lack of news and ideas, this blog have passed over 1 Million views with over than 0.25 Million visitors!!! It is a dreamy number for me so thanks to everyone who had been interested to check my posts here.

And also as I may mentioned in some of my posts before. This year has been quite difficult for me, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that this blog and being with all those online friends did save me from getting into a serious depression state. So I am more than grateful for all of you and for having this space to share some of my thoughts ❀

As always I didn’t remember the date with enough time ahead, but I tried to do something to celebrate with you. And thanks to my friend Ely From Soompi for the idea, I got to do this video below which I specially dedicate to her πŸ™‚

It is not really good that I feel quite embarrassed to share but I just hope you enjoy it somehow ^^



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14 responses to “It has been Two Years Already!!

  1. Happy anniversary dear! Hope you gain strength to overcome whatever issues you are facing. Be happy and be positive!
    Congratulations for gaining so many readers…happy blogging! So glad to meet you here in this blogosphere.

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  2. msiafan

    Congrats on your blog anniversary and hope you continue to have the strength and inspiration to strive on. Yes Dahae has been very low profile lately and we hope that she is seriously choosing her next project. Otherwise it is hard on Dahae fans to have a drought year. Keeping our fingers crossed best of health to all Dahae fans.


  3. msiafan

    Hi again, any idea whether there is any other KDRAMA actress that has a fan blog dedicated to her for over 2 years!


    • I am not really sure as I don’t follow any other actress closely, kkk πŸ™‚ but I guess there must be sites or blogs that is dedicated to some of the popular names out there.


  4. Ely

    Happy 2nd anniversary!!! Without your blog, I would never have known about Dahae and become a fan of hers! Am sure Dahae knows about this blog and appreciates your efforts πŸ™‚

    Wow!!! I wasn’t expecting this MV at all….this is really amazing, apqaria! Thank you for turning my idea into reality. My favourite picture is the one she smiled for the camera during the Shanghai Passional Lover event in May this year!

    You are always leaving positive messages for Dahae, hope you stay positive, strong and happy in your own life too!

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  5. Venessa

    Congratulations! Your blog is really helpful and insightful.. I just hope Da Haesshi knows this site/blog or somehow could reach it to her so that she’ll know how she is loved by many especially you.. Continue to write and we are here to support you! God bless you more..

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    • Thank you so much Chingu for the kind words ❀
      I really hope she came across here some time but still thinking about that possibility makes me embarrassed, hehehe ^^


  6. Ilovkd

    Congrats dear Apqaria! Your love & support for Da Hae-sshi is infectious and as her fan I’m so happy to read your fun updates here. Continue with your dedication which I’m sure she knows about ☺️aja

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  7. Congrats Ap! You deserve so much love just like our girl Da Hae. We’re grateful that there’s a person like you who’s putting so much effort and love to write all these articles. We may not know each other personally and we’re from different parts of the world but because of this, we’re having a chance to meet each other. Fighting! πŸ™‚


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