Lee Da-hae Considers Starring in a Korea-China Co-produced Drama


After months of silence and worries, finally we have some news about our girl considering her next project!!!

I really thought we would be lucky if she even announced a project this year and begin filming next year but seems that we may still have a chance to see her on our screen this year if this one got to happen.

The news came out today that Lee Da-hae is considering to star in a Korea-China co-produced drama called “Couple of the Century“.  This drama will be the first production from the large and well knows company “Alibaba” China. The drama is said to begin filming in Korea this month til October aiming for broadcast in November through Hunan TV as well as through the flag site of Alibaba and China’s largest e-commerce site “Taobao”.

But this schedule actually makes me think that this is a done deal even if FNC is saying nothing is confirmed and things are still under discussion, because it is hard to believe that the company wants to begin filming this month or even next month and released such tight schedule without securing their leads and already did their homework preparing for the shooting??!!

But again with Da-hae things can end up in an unexpected way specially that the news is not heavily covered in Korea or China!! so lets see what will happen, I guess we should get more news very soon.

So now, what is this drama about??

The drama is a rom-com that revolves around an actress who is trying to fulfill her late father’s will to get married within three months, she reluctantly get into a contract marriage and eventually finds love when she marries an actor who she met 5 years earlier on a variety show when they were newbies in the business before becoming popular, and didn’t have a good impressions of each other.

Yes, I know. “Full House” flash backs is coming to me too. And not only that one but many dramas already had the theme of contract marriages. So when it comes to the story there is nothing new about it (till now) which means it will be all about the execution and the main couple chemistry that can make this drama a hit or miss but we neither have info about the production team (the director and writer) behind this one nor about the lead actor.

I am almost sure the lead actor will be Chinese but not sure if the production team will be Chinese or Korean. But if it is true that the drama will be filmed in Korea, I am thinking more of the possibility that at least the director and direction team will be Korean or may be that is what I wish because I certainly like Korean dramas’ visuals and shooting techniques more than the Chinese ones. Also I am hoping the role would be of a Korean actress who can speak Chinese because it could make it possible not to dub her voice this time around (although I doubt they won’t use dubbing even if it is the case).

While I am so excited to read my girl’s name attached to some project and to the idea of seeing her on my screen this year after this long drought period but again the project itself is not something I did wish Da-hae to do next. Believe it or not I am one of the few who are not that excited to see our girl doing a rom-com, because really I don’t see a lot of decent rom-coms these days and while I absolutely adore and love Da-hae in “My Girl” but I didn’t think that she was her best doing the bits of comedy in both “Hotel King” or “Love Actually” but I will be more than happy if this drama end up surprising me when it comes to that.

Also while I am not surprised that Da-hae is wiling to have another project in China and I did try to prepare myself for this since we heard about her plans to do so in previous news and with the fact that it is becoming a trend these days for Korean actors to do Chinese projects or participate in a co-produced one but still I did have my hopes 😦

In the end I am just wishing that if our girl ended up doing this one, so at least it will end up being a good drama that don’t leave me disappointed because I am  more than willing to wait more time for Da-hae’s comeback rather than seeing her in another mess project.

Source: News1 and Soompi via Samzz and Ely@Soompi



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7 responses to “Lee Da-hae Considers Starring in a Korea-China Co-produced Drama

  1. MsiaFan

    I do believe that this project has been in the pipeline for quite sometime privy knowledge to a few, LDH included. She would have read the script, and knows who the director to be. It is a great opportunity for her to imprint her acting skills and increase her profile in the greater China market through the extensive network of Hunan TV & Taoboa. So to all Dahae fans, “don’t worry be happy for our GIRL”.


    • Ya, I think you are right. They must have been planing for this for quite sometime now.
      And for me I guess with many years behind me following our girl, it is a habit for me to be cautious and worry about any project she takes or considers 😀
      I think she knows better than us of what she wants to do and I am sure she always got her reasons when accept or refuse a project but one can only hope her future choices can put her on the right track again after many setbacks.
      Someone like her shouldn’t be wasting her talent anymore and surely do deserve better.


  2. Alibaba! XD And the 40 thieves XD
    Omo these are some pretty great news even though i’d like it to be a fully Korean production! 😀 Lee Da Hae ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL, my Santa don’t ever disappoint to give me laughs 😀 😀
      I am also not into her doing Chinese dramas. I am not a fan of them and her last experience was so underwhelming to say at least.
      But I understand her reasons for taking more steps in that direction either for the fans there who always were by her side (although ironically they are actually not excited to see her doing Chinese dramas either :D) or the better payment and filming conditions.
      And honestly while I want her to stick to do projects in Korea, the efforts she spent to be fluent in Chinese makes part of me want her to put them into use.

      Liked by 1 person

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