Lee Da-hae is Glowing in The Hot Weather

After more than 2 weeks since her last update, Lee Da-hae finally updated her Instagram. What a wonderful morning present ^_^

Here is the translation of her message:

Really hot ah! In the middle of the traffic chaos, playing cute… Feeling more hot? haha

I was quite worried about her during this silence time but I am so happy now seeing her glowing with beauty and I think she looks so cute in those pictures. I think I made up my mind now about her new look because I am certainly loving her with bangs in those pictures and her hair color is also great ❤

And although she was silent herself during this time but we got a picture of her with her flower arrangement teacher while they were having a meal together few days ago 🙂

Credit: Instagram | Translation: Online Translators



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6 responses to “Lee Da-hae is Glowing in The Hot Weather

  1. samzzy

    yes so happy seeing you happy with Dahae latest update chinggus. For me, the most important thing she still interested to join SNS and updates us, which I think not her fav actually.


    • The timing is crucial, and this update was just delivered on Time for me because I was getting more worried everyday. Thanks Dahae ^^
      But actually I am still not convinced with this half smile she is giving in pictures (yes shades of sadness still there) but at least she is in good mood enough to share pictures of herself and she looks healthy ❤

      But sorry didn't get what you mean with "not her fav" ??


  2. Ely

    I love her new look!😘 The light and wispy bangs go really well with her face and hair colour. It makes her look quite a bit younger than her age. Even though there is still a hint of sadness in her eyes as you said, at least she is out and about, running errands and/or meeting friends! I am satisfied as long as she keeps the updates coming.

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  3. msiafan

    Dahae has rejuvenated – looks very fresh, beautiful, and ever ready to start a new drama.


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