Lee Da-hae Takes a Long Distance Drive

I am wondering where Lee Da-hae is going to have fun this time but in all cases I am really happy to see her looking cheerful and super elegant in that mini dress she is wearing in those new pictures she posted today in her Instagram, now I could partially have a peace of mind whenever I think about her ❤

On the other hand I can’t help but laugh over our girl who admits and shows evidences of herself doing something she shouldn’t do with a happy face and advises fans not to follow her example 😀

Da-hae shi you should follow your own advice and not wear slippers while driving and also next time you should take me in a drive in this luxurious car 😉

Now, here is a rough translation of her message

I went out to play~~! A shot before departure! Ha long distance drive really needed slippers!!!!!..Let’s go! Oh dangerous – Please don’t imitate –

Credit: LDH Instagram | Translation: Online Translators



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae Takes a Long Distance Drive

  1. msiafan

    any idea what car is LDH driving?


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