Lee Da-hae Cooperation with Andre Kim

Lee Da-hae didn’t model for a lot of fashion shows but Andre Kim has the biggest share in those as she was the model for three of his both in Korea and China out of five which are the full number of her modeling appearances. And I think she was one of his favorite celebrities/models ❤

Andre Kim is regarded as a Korean fashion icon and well know for his unique designs that embraced the Korean/Asian culture and despite what I think about how weird or unwearable most of his designs are but I have to say that I usually enjoyed the atmosphere of his fashion shows combined with his designs that gave royalty vibe which made me sometimes feel like watching a fairy tale characters and I do respect him for having a clear vision as a designer that he stayed loyal to his whole life.

With that said I actually liked some of the dresses Da-hae wore in his shows and thought a post is deserved to cover our girl’s appearance in those and some other public events related to him 🙂

Andre Kim Fashion Show in Korea in 2003

Andre Kim Fashion Show in Korea in 2005 (w/On Joo Wan)

Andre Kim Fashion Show in Shanghai, China in 2008 (w/Kim Jeong Hoon and Jang Geun Suk)

Andre Kim Fashion Show in 2006 (Da-hae along with Han Ga In and Jang Jin Young were invited )

Samsung Launch for Andre Kim Designed Products in 2006

Andre Kim Jewelry Launch 2010

Lastly some videos from the Shanghai fashion show in 2008, I really love this Fan Made MV with Jeong Hoon and Da-hae stage ❤

And some parts of the show with Geun Suk 🙂

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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae Cooperation with Andre Kim

  1. Ilovkd

    Thanks for all the photos! Never seen Da Hae-shhi looking so regal and enchanting😍 the fashion shows gave an ethereal aura and her delicate elegance and poise fit in so well ✔️💯


    • You are always welcome Chingu 🙂
      I really love her look in that Shanghai Fashion show and I am so in love with that dress she wore with Jeong Hoon, totally my fav ❤


  2. Lucy Maturan

    Lee Da-Hae is so elegant and poised….she’s truly adorable. Thank you for sharing these photos….very happy to see her wear gowns that are so classy. Hope to see her again in fashion shows in the near future.


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