Lee Da-hae’s Bored Face

No surprise that our girl is feeling bored as per her message today on her Weibo along with the picture above. I feel so bored myself whenever she is not working and this time it is the longest period to see her not doing any project. She also rarely have any public appearance and it is still a mystery when this ends since surprisingly we actually didn’t get any more news about the project she was considering or any other possible projects. I feel frustrated each time I think about it T_T

Lee Da-hae is still trying to fill her rest time somehow with her usual activities and her Instagram update today showed that again. Da-hae shi, I really hope our boring time will end soon and you find your self a good project to come back in ❤

Here is a rough translation of her Instagram message:

Creating a terrarium ^^ really beautiful!!

테라리움 만들기^^ 이쁘다 이뻐!!

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Credit: LDH Weibo and Instagram | Translation: Online Translators



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Bored Face

  1. msiafan

    If we believe that LDH has rekindled her love relationship with LDW, then how can she be bored? They need all the free time they have to make up for their loss time and live like “normal ordinary” couples.
    I do think that her latest pic on Weibo is meant for those who has repeatedly been unjustly unkind with their comments on her – It’s her saying I am bored with your “broken record” words.


    • It is up to you to believe in that or not but for me even if that is true, does that mean couples in love stop working because they can’t get enough of each other? I don’t think any person will be fully happy (even if madly in love) if their career they love and enjoy is not going anywhere and they can’t full fill their dreams about it 😦
      If her message really had a double meaning, I applaud her 😀
      I just want to her to have both the happiness and success she deserves ❤

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  2. lucymaturan

    I wish Da Hae would consider producing and come up with a good project (since she has the financial capacity). With this, she gets to choose the director, scriptwriter, and co-stars. Just expressing my random thoughts here. I’m trying to get out of the dry season by watching a new k-drama but ended up wishing it’s Da Hae’s drama that I am watching.


    • I feel you Chingu, I am almost avoiding Kdramas these days because I don’t want to be reminded by the fact that our girl still can’t get the place she deserves in that industry 😦
      I am still trying to be optimistic because who knows what the future holds!!

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