Lee Da-hae Lands a New CF Contract


News reports came out yesterday (although now deleted) mentioning about Lee Da-hae chosen to be the model for a new Sanitary Napkin product called “Day Day“. It is said that they plan to launch the product in the whole Asian market including China later this year.

I am not sure about the reason for the reports’ deletion but may be a sudden change in the marketing plan. I just hope it is not another case that our girl is just used by name and in the end we don’t get to see her doing a TV CF or much Ads or some promotion activities either (we have seen that many times).

For now at least we got something new about our girl and lets see if we get anything from this brand again^^

Credit: Naver



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8 responses to “Lee Da-hae Lands a New CF Contract

  1. LOL! YOU DO KNOW I’D BUY ONE IF IT APPEARED MY WAY JUST TO SEE LEE DA HAE’S FACE ON AN ITEM EVEN THOUGH I’D NEVER USE IT! 😄 Sorry for the caps, i just couldn’t say it otherwise! 😄

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  2. The one with the green background to be more precise, i think it paces better with Da Hae in that dress! 😄


  3. Wow! Lol. I’ve never seen a celebrity on sanitary napkins before but the packaging is super cute!!!! Very feminine and pretty.

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