Lee Da-hae Learning Golf

Seems that our girl is adding new personal activity to her schedule in trial to overcome the boredom she is feeling these days 😀

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo and Instagram today with pictures from her first time at the Golf field after having lessons learning the sport. I always like her sporty looks and this is no different. I am relieved that at least she looks happy and active in her personal daily life even if the fact about her career being on halt is making me feel bitter.

And I am always proud of my girl’s love to learn new things and her daily activities is all about that. Either it is Languages (Chinese) or Cooking or Flower Arrangements or even now with Golf. How I wish I was like her in that ^^

Here is the translation of her Weibo Message:

学打高尔夫以后 头一次 来场地! 虽然打得还不熟练!但是以后我一定会努力练习^^ 加油[好棒]

After learning to play golf, went to the site for the first time! Although still not skilled! But in the future I will practice hard ^^ refuel[好棒]

And here is her Instagram update,  I think the IG message have a similar meaning ^^

Credit: LDH Weibo and Instagram | Translation: Online Translators



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae Learning Golf

  1. MsiaFan

    She is saying “My T-shot is smoking hot”! Taking up golf to accompany Wookie? Afterall he has accompanied her in flower arrangements.


  2. She’s a true fashionista. Everything she wears looks perfect on her.

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