Few Additional Pictures of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang Fall 2015

Lately we have got a few unseen pictures from Shunvfang Fall collection 2015 featuring our girl, I really thought we will have more than that since they first released the collection but here we are!! I also hoped they will invite Lee Da-hae to their F/W Fashion show but that didn’t happen either. You know it is all because I miss my girl terribly 😦

Credit: Shunvfang



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5 responses to “Few Additional Pictures of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang Fall 2015

  1. Oppa

    I miss Da Hae too!
    She’s been very quiet lately.
    I hope she’s fine.
    Maybe preparing for her next project?
    If she accepts Couple of the Century, I hope she’ll be paired with Korean actor too, and the language in Korean.


    • Not sure about that drama anymore, may be postponed or even canceled or actually she is out of it even if the project end up being done at all.
      I just hope that after all that wait (which we don’t know when it will end), we won’t get to see her in some messy project.


  2. lucymaturan

    I just finished reading the recent comments of Da Hae’s fans in Soompi. How about forming a support group (similar to what you did for LDW) to encourage Da Hae to engage in stage play or drama special (or maybe a letter to FNC). I am amazed by the love of Soompi fans shown to Da Hae. I hope Da Hae gets to read her Soompi forum page so she will know how much she is love. Thank you and take care..

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    • I guess one of the most amazing things about being a Da-hae fan is meeting a lot of the wonderful fans she has either internationally or in China. Almost all are so mature and so supporting of her ❤
      I am sure our girl knows about her Soompi thread but how much she read of it is unknown 🙂


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