Listening to Lee Da-hae’s Favorite Singers

I am listening to a lot of old songs these days and while it takes me in a walk down the memory lane I decided to listen to songs from Lee Da-hae‘s favorite singers who I happen to like as well. You know how I have to connect my daily life activities to my girl, kkk 😀

She mentioned some of those singers explicitly in some of her interviews or we knew about her being a fan from other sources but I noticed that she also shares some destiny with them through her work 😉

I thought that I can share my favorite of their songs with you and listen to them together so we can somehow keep ourselves busy while waiting for something new from our girl. I am sure she also spends some of her resting time listening to them or other singers she likes and who we don’t know about.

Hope you enjoy this post ❤

Since long time our girl has been a fan of Kim Bum Soo and she actually starred in music video of his song “Memory” with Hyun Bin from which that cap above (I have posted that video here) .  Da-hae mentioned his song “I Miss You” which is the song from the OST of drama “Stairway To Heaven” as a song she love in one of her interviews which was posted here although she actually said his name wrongly, kkk ^^

Another funny thing about these two is that in episode 7 of “Barefoot Friends” variety show which Kim Bum Soo appeared on, there was a task to find date for him and make a call for that. When asked he described the type of girl he want to date and Lee Hyo-ri mentioned Da-hae and that was the conversation, LOL 😀

Lee Hyo-ri: She’s amazing. A supermodel’s body.
Kim Bum Soo: She’s not my type but… What? She’s not my type but… What should I say then?
Kang Ho-dong: You won’t find anyone!
Kim Bum Soo: Okay. I will live alone then!
Yoon Shi Yoon: Do you worry she might reject you?

I love many songs from Kim Bum Soo but I choose “I Miss You” that our girl loves and I do as well along with another two of my favorites which are “I Love You” and “Please” to post here ❤

In 2010 in “Happy Together” variety show Episode, when asked about her favorite idols she mentioned about her love for Big Bang and specially GD and TOP. You can find this part at 6:30 min mark in the video below 🙂

And talking about destiny, just few months later she starred with Big Bang in a short web drama to encourage tourism to Korea called “Haru: An Unforgettable Day In Korea” (its poster is the one above) although they didn’t actually meet in real but still 😉

I think it is a good opportunity to post this drama here ^^

I am personally not a big fan of Big Bang mainly because their songs usually are heavy with Rap and I am not a fan of rapping in general, but my favorite member would be Taeyang who I usually like his solo songs a lot, I also love Daesung‘s voice and I am absolutely adore GD’s variety persona, he is so fun and his smile is a killer ^^

It was actually quite nice to see fans creating a fan fic with GD and Da-hae as leads along with that art work below 😉

If I choose some of Big Bang songs, here are my favorite of what I listened from them (Lies, Blue, Monster) ❤

In 2011, our girl mentioned another group as said she liked Infinite. She was really cute in the interview below while describing how she feels listening to their song “Be Mine” ^^

And just a few weeks later the group addressed that in one of their interviews, thanked Da-hae, sang for her and Hoya chose her as his idol type, you can check that at the 5:15 min mark in the video below

I like Infinite a lot, so I am posting “Be mine” which I also enjoy like our girl along with my most favorite from them which are “Back” and “Bad

In 2013, Da-hae’s stylist and friend posted a picture of them on Twitter attending a concert for Korean singer “The One” (더원) and from that we knew she is a fan of him and just less than a year after, he sings a song in her drama “Hotel King” OST. It was one of the best songs in the OST and got to be featured in some of the most memorable scenes in the drama. I won’t post it again here as I did post it along with the other OST’s Songs here

But I want to post some of my favorite songs that I love from this amazing singer who was the winner of the second season of the Korean version of “I Am a Singer“. I specially like his live performances ^^

First the song “Winter’s Love” from the OST of the drama “The Winter the Wind Blow”

And his cover of “That Man” Song from the OST of the drama “Secret Garden”

Finally his cover of one of my favorite songs “You Raise me Up

Credit: As Tagged, Twitter, Annya @ Soompi and All YT Uploaders



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4 responses to “Listening to Lee Da-hae’s Favorite Singers

  1. samzzy

    WOW Aq, this is one of the most interesting post you made-well all are great, but this one the subject is Korean Song, that I also love, not so much kpopish, more true to Korean great OST, one of the reason why I’m into Korean drama, and of course our Dahae.
    My fav still 1) from Chuno, 2) Green Rose, 3) My Girl, and 4) Save the last dance for me (Ji Sung and Eugine)


    • Thanks dear ^^ I hope you enjoyed the songs here as well.
      And same here, Kdrama OSTs was one of the things that I got into them in the first place. Actually I am not that into Kpop but I usually get introduced to singers through Drama/Movie OSTs or from “Immortal Songs” Show and if I like the singer I do invest some time to search for his/her other songs 🙂


  2. msiafan

    Thanks a lot for the songs above, yes it is a good diversion while waiting for updates from Dahae. The song “That Man” somehow reminds me of Wookie’s cries for Dahae, hee hee. And because of the mv on “Memory”, I hope one day Dahae will have a drama with Hyun Bin. Cheers mate.


    • It is hard to find some new ideas for posts about our girl when she is so silent and not active. So I am happy you liked this one ^^
      I am also still hoping for that pairing to happen 🙂


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