Lee Da-hae with Bunny Ears

토끼 머리띠 ㅋㅋ 도쿄에서^_^

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Haha, I know. That title is just so cheesy like many of the titles of my posts but forgive my poor creative skills ^^

But anyway, I am so happy we at last get some update from our girl after almost a month. Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram yesterday with a picture of her while she was in Tokyo and in what seems like a dressing room. We knew before that she was there shopping already.

Here is translation of her message:

Bunny ears, kk In Tokyo ^ _ ^

Also check below an update from her stylist and another encounter with a fan ❤

On 28th of September, our girl’s stylist and friend updated her Instagram with a picture with Da-hae saying she met up with her after a long time and that time went by really quickly during their meeting because they had so much to talk about. She also said that she had been so busy lately that she hadn’t looked after Da-hae properly!

I think they spent some time on Chuseok day together I just love their friendship which is not a surprise since they have been together since Da-hae’s debut ^^

Also we got a picture for another fan encounter with our girl, we don’t know for sure the exact place or time but most properly it was in a shopping mall in Beijing, China late last month (so it seems our girl did spend this hiding time traveling around Asia)

Credit: Weibo and Instagram | Translation: ELY_397@Soompi and Online Translators


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