Lee Da-hae Confirmed to Star in Korean-Chinese Drama “Couple of the Century”


Finally after almost two months of waiting for confirmation since we got the first news about Lee Da-hae considering the Korean-Chinese collaboration drama “Couple of the Century“, now we have got it as the news came out today confirming she will take the lead female role “Choi Hwan Yeong” in this drama.

So officially our drought season is OVER, PHEW!! 😀

The drama is also now referred to as “Best Lover” and “Best Couple” in some reports, not sure what is the name they will eventually decide on but you got the idea they want to give, right? 😉

Surely there is no need for me to repeat myself about my feelings toward this project specially that I have decided to not take it too seriously and just try to enjoy what they offer us with the hope that this drama will end up being a pleasant surprise for me. Yah nothing I can do at this point but to support my girl no matter what and I intend to fully digest this one even if it is only to see Da-hae back on my screen ❤

Now lets talk business and see what we know about this project till now.

We got new info about Da-hae’s character with the report today in addition to what we already knew, so here is a summary about what we know so far:

Choi Hwan Young is a top star who has lived in the top 1% of society because she had to have everything she wanted.  As the heir to a fashion enterprise, she started off as an idol girl group member before establishing her name as an actress. Despite her great success, popularity and all that glamour, she is unable to trust in others and open herself up to the people around her due to her past that has left her emotionally scarred and this prevents her from finding true love.

The drama will explore her journey to find sincere love after she finds herself forced to get married within three months if she wants to inherit her father’s fortune. But there is no one she wants to marry. She remembers meeting an actor 5 years earlier on a variety show when they were newbies in the business and decides to hire him for the role of her husband. She does not like him and they didn’t have a good impressions of each other but he is convenient. It’s only a contract marriage but eventually the fake husband and wife begin to develop feelings for each other.

That idol turned actress info is quite amusing to think about (will we see our girl dancing and singing??). But I am not really sure how much of that idol part they are going to show/explore but anyway I am in for it if they want to go there as I always love when Da-hae push her boundaries even if she do something she and we know she is not that good at it because in the end she usually end up entertaining despite it all ^_^

And it is good to know that there is some depth in her character that may give her some space to show more of her acting skills.


As per SM Entertainment and few news reports (although strangely the latest reports didn’t mention anything about the male lead), up for the male lead is Zhou Mi from Super Junior M which is a Super Junior sub unit for Chinese promotions and he is is actually Chinese. His character described as:

A hardworking, Hitchcock-loving actor who has started from the bottom.

Have to say that I got more worried about this project after this news came out earlier this month specially that this is a drama that will depend a lot on the lead couple chemistry but I am more calm now to talk about it.

I am not familiar with Zhou Mi but of course I had to look up his acting resume and out of curiosity I searched some of his pictures and listened to one of his songs “Rewind” which I actually ended up liking.

I never judge someone I didn’t watch acting (even an idol because yah I don’t have that idol allergy that some people have out there) but I have to show my concern about his limited acting experience and the fact that this will be his first leading role. Lets hope he is really ready for this and while I have to admit that I am not that attracted to his looks but he is growing on me as I kind of like his smile. And the fact that he is the manly type is relieving since he is actually exactly 2 years younger than Da-hae.

The drama reportedly will start filming before the end of this month (which obviously was delayed since the initial plan mentioned about starting filming back in August). And now targeting to premiere in December on China’s Alibaba website and to air in 2016 on China’s Hunan TV.

A good news is that it seems the production and direction team is Korean and they already gone on location hunting for the drama filming in Korea which included places like Oak Valley and Alpensia Resort in Pyeongchang (Yah, the one in which Hotel King was filmed 🙂 ) and they actually had a gathering attended by Zhou Mi, PD Koh Dae Hwa, the producer from Alibaba and some other staff members including actress Sora Jung who will play the role of Zhou Mi’s mother in the drama.

I am not sure if this means that the whole filming will take place in Korea or they will travel to China for a part of it but I saw the PD posting some pictures of meetings in Beijing in September but not sure if it is related to this project . Also there is still no news about the length of the drama and how much it will be web friendly (aka if the number of episodes or the episode length will be short more like a web drama).

Finally, here are some video reports about the drama

(Da-hae’s part starts at min 1:20)

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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae Confirmed to Star in Korean-Chinese Drama “Couple of the Century”

  1. Frozen Flower

    I’m so exciiiiiiteeeeeed! ❤


  2. faerylove27

    I’m so happy I could die, THE DRAMA GODS ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS


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