Lee Da-hae Arrives to Xinjiang, China

베이징 공항.. 너무 덥다.. 우루무치에서 만나요 여러분!!!

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After months of hiding, our girl is finally making a public appearance.

Lee Da-hae traveled today to Xinjiang, China to attend Xinjiang International Motor Show and while I was sad that we didn’t get any covering from Korean media for her airport appearance before leaving but at least we got a few pictures thanks to fans who were waiting for her at the airport and at the hotel she will be staying in during her visit.

It was a long flight from Seoul to Beijing (transit) to Urumqi, Xinjiang and our girl updated her Instagram (see above) while waiting in Beijing.

Here is the translation of her message:

Beijing Airport..too hot.. I’ll meet you at Urumqi!!!

Our girl has transformed to a wizard (cute one though 😉 ) with her outfit. Can’t say I like it but it gave me a good laugh for the day (specially THAT hat) and I thank her for that, kkk 😀

Check below a few fan pictures and videos but I hope we would be more lucky tomorrow and more pictures ^^

At the Hotel

This video is SOOO SWEET, you can feel how close Da-hae with fans ^^

As per fan accounts, our girl was smiling and laughing cutely and shyly and she gave fans a big hug each ❤

At the Airport

As per fan accounts, our girl was on her phone once she got out and she looked thin and cold because of those pants 😦

I guess the difference in temperature between Beijing and was big Urumqi (hot in Beijing for that top and cold in Urumqi for those pants :D)

Credit: As Tagged | Translation: Online Translators


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