Lee Da-hae at Xinjiang International Motor Show – [Photos and Videos]


I am really sorry that I am late posting about this while it was a long waited event for all Da-hae fans but I had problems with my internet connection but finally it is fully back and here I am ^^

Lee Da-hae attended Xinjiang International Motor Show on the 16th of October and during the event she visited both Nissan and Luxgen booths and participated on the launch of the newest cars from both brands which are QASHQAI and SUV-6 respectively. Da-hae is the first female celebrity to get invited to such event.

Although I am not a big fan of that hair style she sported in the event but our girl looked good and young in it and I really liked her dress, the design is really nice although the black color makes how thin she is more obvious 😦

I am glad that she looked happy during this trip after long time of no see and I am really grateful to her fans who followed her during the 3 days she has spent in Xinjiang and gave us lots of pictures and videos of her and their interaction with her through the days ❤

We have waited a long time to have this feast so check them below 😉

Heading to the event

At the event – Nissan Booth

At the event – Luxgen Booth

Leaving the event

Da-hae needed to stay in a waiting room till they secure the way for her to leave

Weibo Update

After leaving the event our girl updated her Weibo with the pictures above and here is the translation of her message:

在乌鲁木齐开展的新疆秋季车展,感谢大家来参加,我很开心! 也感谢和我像老朋友一样的粉丝们,感谢你们远道而来!谢谢大家^^

(In Urumqi, Xinjiang’s Autumn Motor Show. Thanks everyone for participating, I am very happy! I also thank my fans who are like old friends, Thank you for coming all the way! Thank you very much ^^)

Our girl was so nice (as usual) to come out of her car after she saw her fans who traveled from far cities all the way to see her and suggested taking a picture together which she posted in her Weibo. You can see that part in the video below. How I love her kind heart!! ❤

The Goodbye

I LOVE Da-hae’s look here from head to toe and specially that colorful dress ❤

And I really like this gift fans gave her (I want one myself, kk ^^)

Also after the event our girl actually made interviews including one for radio channel which you can hear below (It is short but hearing her our girl’s voice is always great 😉 ) and another also short one but we have video for ^^

Our girl was asked about learning Chinese (as usual), and she said she doesn’t find it that hard because she has been learning it for 7 years and that she has Chinese friends to practice it with.

When asked what she likes doing when she is not working, she says cooking, golf, going holiday and especially swimming on holiday.

She was then presented with a Xinjiang ethnic minority hat (she looked quite cute with that one ^^)

And finally here are pictures of our girl with her staff and some of the events organizers

Credit: As Tagged and Weibo | Translation: Online Translators and Ely_397 @ Soompi


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