Lee Da-hae at Drama “Couple of The Century” Ritual Ceremony

Yesterday 23rd of October, Lee Da-hae‘s upcoming drama Couple of The Century/Best Couple held a ritual ceremony to wish good luck for the production and celebrate the start of filming. The ceremony was held in Seoul and was attended by the main cast and staff members from both Korea and China.

From PD Koh and other staff members SNS posts, it seems the drama did go through a long preparation period for about a year before they now finally started the production and that makes me think that this may be was the drama Da-hae and few reports mentioned she was looking into back in March and she did stick with it till the end and its delay could be the reason for the delay of her comeback.

But anyway, while the production team apparently had some tough time getting to this stage but hopefully this preparation period was actually good for the drama and help increasing the final product’s quality.

Check below for more pictures and hopefully we will get more updates once they start filming 🙂

Also our generous PD Koh, he posted 2 pictures with the drama’s main leads during what seems to be a get together meeting ^^

Credit: As Tagged, Weibo and PD Koh IG and Facebook



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7 responses to “Lee Da-hae at Drama “Couple of The Century” Ritual Ceremony

  1. samzzy

    AQ, yes, most likely they didn’t secure the funding, until Alibaba takes over.


  2. msiafan

    Apart from funding source another key factor for the film/movie making business is the intended market, and China being the world’s 2nd biggest movie market (behind US) is definitely the target. Next is to choose the Chinese partner – Alibaba who has just entered into the entertainment industry foray, started executing their plans/strategies which encompass a complete package into film funding, distribution and promotion. Hence Alibaba 2014 acquisition trails into stakes in film production studios, rights to TV shows/films, and stakes in streaming platforms, with total investments into USD billions. I believe Dahae recognize the importance of the China market and the tie up with Alibaba, to justify her decision to wait for this drama.


  3. DiGan

    So happy to see her new drama coming up😃 thanks for the fantastic news. My best best wishes to Da Hae sshi 💐🍀🍀


  4. Lucy Maturan

    Yes, happy to see Da Hae active again. I have been praying for the success of this drama and hoping it will bring her back to glorious phase of her career.


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