Lee Da-hae Shoots New Ads for Passional Lover

I guess I was wrong when I said that our girl may be updating us less in the future because she will be more busy with her drama and all, because it seems being busy make her more energetic to update us, kkk ^^

In the second day in a row Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram yesterday with some gorgeous pictures taken while she was shooting for new ads for Passional Lover Cosmetic Brand. I am happy that at last they are doing this photo-shoot as I wished since she signed another contract with them last May and because I am so tired of them using the old Ads from 2 years ago over and over 😀

From what I understand, she said in her message that she was too sleepy as she was having also drama shooting and only slept one hour. Poor Da-hae but I guess I don’t mind seeing your busy, tired and sleepy since you had over a year break and slept well in it :p

Check below for more BTS pictures from the photo-shoot posted by some staff members on SNS.

I am SO in love with this white dress and Da-hae looks absolutely stunning and breath taking in it. Her over all look from make-up to hairstyle while wearing it is great as well. I really can’t wait for those Ads to be released ❤

This look actually reminds me of Cat Woman, lol 😀

Credit: As Tagged


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