Lee Da-hae Transforms into a Country Bumpkin in “Best Couple”

I am sure this is a temporary transformation for our super star Hwan Young but it really looks fun 😀

We have got some new BTS pictures from “Best Couple” drama filming and I am happy to say that those elevated my excitement for the drama so much that actually made me surprised, kkk ^^

It has been quite sometime since we saw Lee Da-hae sporting such country style, the last time was back in “Hello Miss” but this one here can beat the past one any day specially that Hwan Young is sporting that weird outfit and hairdo with A STYLE which is the reason that make those pictures funny, lol 😀

Given the big ring in Hwan Young’s hands in that picture above, I am guessing those country side scenes are in the present time while our fake couple are trying get approval of their marriage and so HY need to show some sincerity for the in-laws because  there is no way they will be telling them that they are actually into a contract marriage, right? 😉

Check below for more BTS pictures ❤

You surely can notice the kid in the pictures, he is a Chinese child actor but I am not sure yet about his role in the drama. For now I am guessing he may be our hero’s little brother but we need to wait to see if this will be the case 🙂

And to be honest for now more than the main couple’s interaction, I am more curious about this mother- in-law and daughter-in-law duo interaction, kkk ^^

And as they are playing stars, Da-hae and Zhou Mi had to do some photo-shoot showing their early lives in the industry and while shooting some CFs or photo-shoots. Also from the drama’s poster photo-shoot.

And I am quite liking Zhou Mi’s style in the following couple of pictures. Don’t think I am usually into such exaggerated idol hairstyles but the whole shot with the close up, sad look and specially the lightening gives such a sexy vibe that I can’t help but love 😉

I am guessing the sadness is that he is paying farewell to his town and cows to save them with working in the city as an actor or while having  a hard time knowing he may need to sell them for money.

I am guessing that this old man is may be Hee Sung’s manager and may be it the scene where he was scouting him to work in the city. I keep guessing and believing my guesses, haha 😀

The arrogant and cold superstar Hwan Young in action ^^

Hee Sung and his precious cows 😀

Vs Hee Sung the star 😉

Finally, an appreciation to the cute country house and the views ^^

Credit: As Tagged, Zhou Mi’s IG, PD Koh IG and Facebook, Alibaba’s Weibo, virtuachoi and jahyun_park @ IG



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9 responses to “Lee Da-hae Transforms into a Country Bumpkin in “Best Couple”

  1. drosyita

    Eonni LDH sooo cuteee ^.^


  2. I don’t think I’m familiar with Lee DaHae’s work, but this looks rather interesting! Plus who doesn’t love a bit of Zhou Mi haha ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Chingu, first thanks for commenting ^^
      And we are completing each other with this one as I am not familiar with Zhou Mi but he is definitely growing on me. I didn’t see him act before so I am so ready to be pleasantly surprised with him in this drama 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Pretimis

    I still prefer a korean actor..they are passionate in acting. Y not ji chang wook or park yoochun(again)..theres a lot. This new leading man of dahae is not so appealing to me. Fighting dahae!


    • I am sure many of us has their wishes when it comes to who we want to see pairing with our girl but not all we wish become reality. And at this point, nothing can be changed.
      I hope we don’t be judgmental about someone we are not familiar with or based on appearance alone. I know many do the same with Da-hae and we don’t want to be the same, right?
      Lets give him a chance and wait till we see him in the drama and with our girl, we may end up adding him to our favorites 😉
      *keep praying for the drama success*


      • Pretimis

        still..Go K-Actors!


        • Pretimis

          I am really a big fan of Dahae, Interms of her fashion,acting and the way she talk. I really watch all of her drama and appearance/s (except the Chinese base) but I don’t know this time y I am not soo excited with her new drama. I’m really hoping to see her with other choices of Korean leading man next time. LDW pls..


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