♥ Meet the “419 Couple” ♥

It is really nice that we got the first selcas of our leads from drama “Best Couple” this early so we can see how both Lee Da-hae and Zhou Mi look together and I am happy with what I am seeing. They look visually nice and compatible together here and seems they are more comfortable with each other now ❤

Both of them uploaded a version of the selca today in their respective Instagram account with the messages below

Da-hae: Introducing my husband ^_^  Voila!!

Zhou Mi: We are the 419 couple ㅋㅋ ^^

The reason for this “419 Couple” name that is used to refer to our couple here is that both Da-hae’s and Zhou Mi’s birthday is on 19th of April although Zhou Mi is 2 years younger ^^

Now check below for more BTS pictures from the drama filming 🙂

I am not sure what exactly this scene, from which we got those pictures of Da-hae below, is about? Although Da-hae is wearing a wedding dress but this is from the fake couple wedding and the groom can’t be seen any where filming. I am guessing it may be an introductory scene for her character or may be part of the opening but it is interesting to see how the sheep are part of it 😀

Anyway the view and her look is absolutely ethereal which makes me can’t wait to see this scene whatever its about ❤

And seems they already shot the fake couple’s wedding in door and we got to see the bride, the groom and his parents there (totally love Zhou Mi’s look here ❤ )

And finally have more BTS pictures ^^

Credit: As Tagged, LDH IG, Zhou Mi’s IG, PD Koh IG and Facebook | Translation: Online Translators



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4 responses to “♥ Meet the “419 Couple” ♥

  1. Joan Fan

    Yes they look compatiable..maybe it may be true after filming if both are still single.


  2. chocolate vanilla

    Lots of Dahae! Lots of BTS! Thank you so muuuuch! ❤


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