Lee Da-hae Playing with Sheep ^_^

OH MY, those are just super cute, adorable and pretty pictures. My girl’s smile and playful self can’t fail to make me happy ❤ ❤

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo today with some pictures while filming her drama “Best Couple” from the scene we were just talking about yesterday. She is really glowing with happiness while playing with the sheep and some of those shots are just like a photo-shoot ^_^

Here is her message:

最佳情侣的拍戏现场, 羊羊都好可爱好温顺, 敬请大家期待电视剧-最佳情侣吧!

( Translation by Ely397 @ Soompi: Best Couple shooting location, the sheep are cute and gentle, please look forward to the drama Best Couple!)

Check below for the rest of the pictures 🙂

Credit: LDH Weibo



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7 responses to “Lee Da-hae Playing with Sheep ^_^

  1. DiGan

    Love these pics! Thanks for posting them. So excited about her new drama😃


  2. chocolate vanilla

    Dahae is so beautiful, glowing and happy! I’m happy too!!!
    Thank you for updating us about Dahae activities!


  3. aenulis

    Oh my… I love her so much.. she look happier and of course always beautiful


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