Lee Da-hae and the Pretty Cast of “Best Couple”

I think it wouldn’t be hard for me to like the cast of “Best Couple“. They are all easy on the eye and seems the filming set is fun with all those selfies they are having with each other 🙂

Of course our main couple will be on the top of this post with those selfies that Lee Da-hae posted on her Weibo today with message “Best Couple!! Please Support!” with both her and Zhou Mi lying on the grass during what seems like a picnic together ^^

Again the 419 couple is looking nice and I specially like their smiles and sparkling eyes ❤

Check below for more pictures of the pretty cast and some BTS from the drama filming.

And we got our main couple’s wedding picture from the photo-shoot we got a glimpse on before. I am not sure if this is the final version of this shot or if this will be the drama main poster but I am completely in love with Da-hae’s look in this one that I don’t have any comment about it but “WOW” and both Da-hae and Zhou Mi are styled so nicely either when it comes to the hairstyles or the dress and suit ❤

With that said, I actually hope this isn’t the final version because there is something off about the feelings in this picture. Not sure, but it doesn’t give me the vibe I expected when reading their character description and their relation in the drama. Also their expressions are not synchronized which is making me confused about what I should feel about this couple’s relation when I look at the picture.

More BTS pictures 🙂

I think this is the scene in which they shot those selfies above

Credit: As Tagged, PD Koh IG and Facebook, Zhou Mi’s IG and Sora Jung’s Facebook | Translation: Online Translators


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