Lee Da-hae’s Chinese Fans Visit “Best Couple” Filming Set


Lee Da-hae‘s awesome Chinese fans once again show their support to our girl as  they visited the set of her drama “Best Couple” on the 15th of November and gifted some snacks to the cast and crew ❤

Fans flew all the way from China to Korea meeting with Da-hae’s Chinese language teacher who drove them for more than 3 hours to the filming set in Gangwon-do. They met Da-hae and delivered their gifts to her and the drama crew on set and enjoyed sometime watching her filming although of course recording was prohibited and then even had a meal together with our girl!!

I am sure that fans were very tired but imagining their experience that day, I am full of envy but they deserve this and all the praise for always being beside Da-hae in good and bad times. Love them^^

Lucky us they sent some pictures and videos from their visit and they are all lovely. Check them below 🙂

A look at the snakes they presented to the crew

And here we got a closer look to Da-hae’s fake marriage ring in the drama (IT IS BIG, kkk)


And thanking all fans who prepared for this event and wasn’t able to travel to Korea, she recorded a voice message. Her voice is just so cute here, I can’t stop giggling listening to her ^^

She said “Thank you, I am Lee Da-hae. I have received your presents, thank you. I will use them and eat them well. er, hope we will meet in a few days

And here are some videos during fans’ visit ^^ (I love seeing Da-hae eating 😀 )

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