Lee Da-hae and Zhou Mi Look Adorable in “Best Couple” Wedding Stills

OMO, I didn’t expect to see such stills this early but I’m so happy they did release them because this surely made me look forward more to see what chemistry Lee Da-hae and Zhou Mi can bring together in “Best Couple“!!

We know this drama is all about a fake marriage so it is not a big spoiler to see such wedding stills. We know that all the feelings here are totally for show and not real but seems these two really deserve being famous actors (in the drama) because they made me buy their fake love feelings in these stills, kk ^^

Our girl looks absolutely gorgeous in all the stills and they both look really nice as a couple specially in the picture above which is totally my favorite out of the bunch we got ❤

Check below for the rest of the pretty stills 🙂

They are really teasing us with this almost kiss still, lol 😀

I guess this is the only picture that show our bride’s true feelings during this fake wedding 😦

Also more characters’ description is out using horoscope speak, I really like their selection of the stills in which they put with such descriptions because you can feel that the stills really reflect them so much!!

Libra and Scorpio, appears high and mighty, cold and arrogant, secretly waiting for you to get close to her, the scales (libra) are so beautiful after all.

Cancer and Virgo, responsible, family oriented and warm man, clean freak, seeks perfection whether it is acting or love

And to my surprise our second female lead actually plays two characters!!! I am not sure why or what is the relation between them (look a likes or twins) but here is description for them 😉

Pisces, torn between marrying into a rich family and her old love, sentimental princess (syndrome?)

Gemini, assistant turned actress, in her heart lives an angel and a demon

Now some more BTS from both the scene of the film festival we knew about before and another one which was filmed at Lotte Cinema few days ago. I assume they were celebrating some film opening or something ^^

Credit: As Tagged, Sora Kim and PD Koh Facebook and IG | Translation: Ely_397 @ Soompi



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae and Zhou Mi Look Adorable in “Best Couple” Wedding Stills

  1. samzzy

    AQ, I love pic no.4-when he looks at her.


    • I love too dear, they both look to each other in a very loving way that I still can’t believe that those pictures from the fake marriage, kkk ^^
      I actually love all the official stills they released from the drama so far, from HY and her mother in daughter in a country style to Zhou Mi’s sad stills with the cows and now these. I have to praise the production team in that 🙂


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