Lee Da-hae becomes Ambassador for Online Shopping Festival – [Ads and Videos]


I am happy we didn’t have to wait so long before getting the Ads that Lee Da-hae shoot few weeks ago and mentioned in her Instagram. She has been chosen as the ambassador for Online Shopping Festival designated by the Korean Government for Chinese customers. The event that will be held from 26 to 28 November and 19 South Korean and 5 Chinese electric suppliers will be participating in it.

And prior to the event Star Korea/星星Korea (the online website) has been holding some small events for celebrating including some discounts on lots of products and including many online malls accompanied with some released Ads, promo and BTS videos featuring our girl ^^

Also we got news about a celebrating event that will be held and be attended by our girl in Beijing on 24th of November, YAY!! Luckily some fans are invited and so hopefully we will get many pictures and video of Da-hae so start counting down till Tuesday 😉

Till then check below the Ads and videos released by Star Korea ❤

Now the promo videos, I love how healthy and cheerful Da-hae looks here ^^

Credit: Star Korea


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