Lee Da-hae at “Star Korea” Event in Beijing – [Photos and Videos]


As per the news I mentioned in my last post, Lee Da-hae made a very quick trip to Beijing on the 24th of November to attend “Star Korea” media day along with Korean and Chinese government officials and was appointed as the ambassador for the shopping festival organized by the Korean Government to be equivalent of western “Black Friday” for the Chinese customers and offering many Korean products with huge sales.

Our girl was glowing in her simple and elegant red dress and although she looked tired which is understandable with her drama “Best Couple” day and night filming but she was very cheerful and her smile was so good to see. I guess she did resort to a heavy makeup in trial to hide those overwork marks which I can accept although I always prefer her with less and more natural makeup.

We have got some photos and videos from the event posted by fans and media and also from fans short encounter with her at the airport. Our girl was in a hurry and fans only spent few minutes with her but still managed to take individual selfies and group pictures ^_^

Check all pictures and videos below 🙂

Pictures from the Event

Pictures from Airport

And here are videos from the event, I really love how our girl did her speech so naturally even that she did prepare it at first in Korean and she changed her mind on spot and said it in Chinese Language. Also the first video is my favorite as it was nice to see Da-hae taking the initiative to talk and ask while they are presenting the products and lightening up the mood among those government officials 😀

Finally, videos at the airport ^^

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