Cuteness and Beautiful Sceneries On “Best Couple” Drama Set


Have been few days since I updated about Lee Da-hae and her drama “Best Couple” but actually during those days we have been almost getting daily updates including our first videos from the drama and the poster shooting ❤

I am liking what we are getting from the drama so far and I am specially happy with the visuals and the atmosphere on the drama set. It is always good to see the cast and staff having good time on set because that is important to have a better product in the end.

So hope you enjoy  all the updates below ^^

Firstly, seems Wang Qiu Zi our second female lead has already finished filming her scenes in the drama and I think she had limited time to stay in Korea duo to Visa and so they filmed her scenes first. Qiu Zi and Da-hae exchanged messages on the 29th of November to say goodbye on Weibo and both posted pictures together along with Zhou Mi.

Da-hae posted the following message:

@WangQiuZi ! Don’t Go[泪流满面] I will miss you[泪流满面] hard ^_^ We meet again! Congratulations on the end of filming ^_^

The next update was a part of the test teaser for the drama which PD Koh uploaded on Instagram and Facebook. I am happy that our first video from the drama was that scene of Da-hae with the sheep that I did want to see it so much!!

Not sure if this will be a scene in the drama itself or they really shoot it only to be a teaser. But if was part of the drama, it could be of our heroine filming a CF like some fans suggested and I just imagine the rest of the scene will be with the director of the CF saying “Cut” and then we see our heroine showing her real cold and arrogant attitude and saying her famous line “I don’t care!“, kkk ^^

But in all cases, my girl looks really gorgeous in here ❤

Next, Alibaba released videos and Gifs from the drama poster’s photo-shoot that took place on 13 November as per the video which makes me believe they had 3 photo-shoots for posters. The outdoor one from which the top picture in this post and the one from which Da-hae posted some pictures on her Instagram last month and lastly this one. We saw some pictures before from this photo-shoot which seemed to focus more on a funny and cute theme with both Da-hae and Zhou Mi funny and odd styling (now we know what that mermaid dress was for 😉 ) and then with them in pajamas and also Zhou Mi holding frying pan and shovel ^^

But one comment is that in the short video they refer to the drama with English title “Best Lover” which was one of the names in news reports before!! I am not sure now how I should call the drama in my posts. They may took note of the search problem I mentioned before when it comes to the title “Best Couple” but isn’t it too late to change the name and also I see PD Koh still referring to the drama with that title. So I will wait and see what they will do in the end.

I really like how the 419 couple is playful together during the photo-shoot, Alibaba were generous enough to make Gifs for us as well. Aren’t they cute? ^_^

Finally, more BTS pictures. I’m guessing that the first 3 pictures are from a concert for both Hwan Young (Da-hae’s character) and our second male lead during their idol time or so I hope because I actually want to see my girl dancing and singing in this drama 😉 and Park Gwang-hyun looks quite funny in this rock style, lol 😀

Credit: As Tagged, Alibaba, Instagram | Translation: Online Translators and Ely_397 @ Soompi



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2 responses to “Cuteness and Beautiful Sceneries On “Best Couple” Drama Set

  1. paper town

    So much updates! Thank you so much! I love Lee Da Hae! ❤


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