Lee Da-hae Wraps Up Filming for “Best Couple”

After almost a month and a half, Lee Da-hae wrapped up filming for her drama “Best Couple” and she updated her Instagram today to bid farewell for the drama and saying “Hard working and very happy filming set ^^ Thank you very much! Best Couple Fighting!” . I am really happy that she seemed to have enjoyed filming this drama but all we can do now is to wait till they start the drama promotion activities and the drama actual broadcast.

Also Da-hae’s Korean fan-club Emerald sent her a very cute cake to support her and she posted a picture of it thanking fan yesterday on her Instagram as well. She said “Thank you Emerald ^^ until the final shooting will be refueling

Now check for the rest of pictures from Da-hae and some drama BTS ^^

고마워요 에메랄드^^ 힘내서 마지막촬영 잘할게요❤️

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Also Da-hae’s stylist updated a picture of both of them together ^^

And the top picture from our girl’s update and the few pictures below, seems that they filmed another wedding scene for the main couple in the drama at the end of the drama. Their first one was fake so they surely needed another real one 😉 I am really looking forward to that one and all the scenes they filmed in the snow, I am sure the view will be amazing ❤

And guess the following picture is a proposal for the fake marriage 😉

Also another picture from the poster shooting and the wrap up party with the cast and crew 🙂

Finally more BTS pictures ^^

Credit: As Tagged, Naver, Zhou Mi’s IG, PD Koh IG and Facebook other IG accounts | Translation: Online Translators



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6 responses to “Lee Da-hae Wraps Up Filming for “Best Couple”

  1. The last pictures looked liked the houses used in Hotel
    King :))))


  2. Ilovkd

    Wow all the updates n photos, thank U💎☺️ She’s seems so busy although has only filmed one drama this year. Such a lovely hardworking actress. I wish her the best for her career🍀😘


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