Lee Da-hae Supports her Beauty Clinic Doctor and Celebrates Year End with Friends

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram today with a new cute picture and recommending a V-Line pack product that she is holding and which was produced by doctor Son You Na the owner of the beauty clinic she has been going to for beauty and skin care.

Here is a rough translation of her message:

I am too loving Dr. Son You Na. My sister had made V line pack that I am Introducing ^^ I have used it and it is really good!

On the other hand, I love it when I see our girl having some fun times with her friends and what is a better time than now after she finished filming her drama and holidays season is here to enjoy some time with them ^^

Da-hae’s friends updated their Instagram with a couple of pictures with her, they are really fond of her ❤ One of her friends which with her in a the picture below is actor Choi Sung Joon who has been a long friend for our girl. He mentioned described Da-hae in his IG message with the picture as “Pretty, Adorable and Straight” and mentioned that they have been friends for 12 years now!!

We have seen pictures of Da-hae with her doctor which was taken back in 2012. Seems they have became friends after all this time.

Also it may be an opportunity to post some of the old pictures of Da-hae and those 2 friends of hers ^^

Credit: LDH Weibo, LDH Twitter, Naver and IG



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7 responses to “Lee Da-hae Supports her Beauty Clinic Doctor and Celebrates Year End with Friends

  1. esth

    hi Apqaria …this is my 1st time to comment here 😀
    i have some questions regarding Dahae and her chinese language teachers. do u know why did Dahae change her chinese language teacher in year 2011/2012? and i notice that Dahae has no long following her previous chinese language teacher on weibo…do u knw y? thanks 🙂


    • Hi Chingu, welcome here and thanks for commenting ^^
      About that, back when that happened in 2012, fans asked the teacher and she answered “Personal Reasons”. I think the teacher was the one who took this decision may be she was no longer able to be there for all Da-hae’s schedules (I guess she was preparing to have her own family as I think she got married after that) I don’t think it was because of any major problem.
      About Da-hae to unfollowing her in Weibo, I think it was a way from Da-hae to respect the teacher’s privacy as you know fans do tend to check who celebrity is following and get curious about it. If you noticed, Da-hae even don’t follow some of her close friends we know about (Like Heechul) on Weibo or other SNS accounts. So that following thing doesn’t directly map to how her relation with someone.
      I personally think they remained to be friends after that as the teacher still follow her news and follow her personally in Weibo and also on a good relation with some of the fans who she also follow (I am one of those) even recently she liked a post I have done about our girl there 🙂
      So don’t think too much about this, I think it is totally normal.


      • esth

        Thanks for ur detailed reply ❤
        i got following u on weibo too…
        does Dahae have FB?
        I hv crush on Dahae too since this mth after watching Hotel King. Though i know her name since long ago but dint really recognize her face as i nvr been watching any of her shows/dramas.
        i hope that u can keep up the good work and appreciate ur frequent updates on Dahae activities/news. Ur site is a good page and i can always read many old news of Dahae from here.
        Thanks Apqaria chingu! btw, whr r u from?


        • I just followed you back 😉
          Da-hae don’t have an official Facebook account for her but some fans did open some accounts to share news about her there though ^^
          Oh, you are a new fan. Really Happy to hear that, it is always great to see more fans joining our Da-hae’s Mania Club 😀
          Thanks a lot for reading here and for your kind words and I hope you check her older dramas too while we wait for her next drama to air 🙂
          Finally, I will just say I am from a far country (not Asian) and will let you make a guess, kkk ^^


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