Lee Da-hae Misses Filming “Best Lover” during Christmas


First, Merry Christmas and Happy holidays for our girl and all fans who are celebrating. Hope you enjoy your time with your families and love ones ❀

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram yesterday and Weibo today almost with a similar messages saying that she is missing the time while filming her drama after wrapping it earlier this month. I hope that feeling makes her try to start a new project soon.

The drama has now an official English title that we were hinted about before and which is “Best Lover” so I decided to use this time from now one instead of the literal one “Best Couple” that I have been using mostly till now. I don’t like how many times I did change between different titles of this drama on the blog and I am sorry for that but still I hope you don’t get confused 😦

I think the pictures below that our girl posted with her messages are old ones when she was still filming the drama and so in addition to those I also take the chance to post more BTS pictures I didn’t post here before and also a video of a short message from both Da-hae and Zhou Mi they recorded to fans who sent their confession messages to them in a contest that Alibaba did on their Weibo account.

Da-hae mentioned in her IG message about Leather brand “Rose.K” as she is endorsing their bag in the image she posted from the drama filming ^^

Here is the video message from Da-hae and Zhou Mi and the Sign that one of the fan won in this competition ^^

Finally a couple of short BTS videos taken by Fans

Credit: As Tagged, LDH Weibo, Zhou Mi IG, PD Koh Facebook and IG


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