Merry Christmas!!

메리 크리스마스!

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Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram again today saying “Merry Christmas” to all fans and posting a picture of the really pretty Christmas tree at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. Not sure if she is there spending the Christmas or she is just posting it because she likes it but in all cases, I am happy she didn’t forget to update us today ^^

Also today Rosa.K Leather brand which our girl mentioned in her previous post on IG posted 2 pictures of her while filming and endorsing the brand’s bags. Check them below 🙂

Also in other news, our girl recorded short message showed during the celebration ceremony of the contract signing between FNC Entertainment and Suning Universal, the entertainment arm of Chinese giant retailer Suning Group and which lately acquired 22% stack in FNC Entertainment. We only got a screen cap from her message and I didn’t really find a video for it 😦

And she recorded another message for Suning but not sure for which occasion, also didn’t find the video!!

Credit: Weixin and Wyd2345



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4 responses to “Merry Christmas!!

  1. lucymaturan

    Merry Christmas and I hope that 2016 will be a good year for everyone. Apqaria, I miss Da Hae’s sweet smile….it’s not showing in her recent pictures. I hope she is okay. Let us continue to support Da Hae in the coming year.


    • Merry Christmas and Happy new year Chingu ^^
      I think she is fine, her regular updates shows it and also her encounters with Chinese fans in her last visit to China and their visit to her on set, she was really happy but I think she was mostly tired in the recent period since the filming for the drama was actually tight and that also shows in all her pictures.
      I hope 2016 will bring us great news about our girl ❤


  2. Hatz

    Aside from Best Lover/Best Couple/Couple of the Century, I hope she will do another drama in 2016, to make up for her not having any drama this 2015. Fighting Dahae-shii!! Saranghae!


    • I hope so as well, she will just be busy for sometime at the beginning of the new year with “Best Lover” promotion but she will still have the whole rest of the year to have another project.


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