Lee Da-hae Returns from Vacation

It has been since new year that we didn’t hear from Lee Da-hae but finally she updated her Weibo today after returning from her vacation outside of Korea. I really missed her during this time so it is great to see new pictures from her specially that she and little Cherry look so adorable together in them ^^

Here is a rough translation of her message:

After returning from my holiday, I went straight to my grandma’s place to pick up Cherry 🍒. It’s been a while since I saw Cherry, I felt especially close to her [害羞]. Grandma took this picture for us, it is cute, isn’t it?

Unfortunately we still didn’t get new updates about “Best Lover” and its airing date. Hopefully the drama won’t be shelved for long and our wait won’t be too long. But till then I wish we could see our girl more active so we can endure more waiting for her comeback.

Check the rest of the pictures below

Credit: LDH Weibo | Translation: Ely_397 @ Soompie


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